The FFXIV Influx

SO! The elephant in the room in FFXIV these days isn’t really so much of an elephant, but Sprouts!

What are sprouts you say? Well folks trying out FFXIV will probably notice a little green leaf next to their name. 

This is pretty much an indicator for us that have been playing for some time that hey this is a person totally new to the game! It also means we tend to cut them some slack in getting used to the game and it also means people are generally more helpful to folks with this little icon.

Not that folks aren’t pretty helpful in FFXIV. From what I’ve noticed outside of some of the typical pug dungeon rushers, the game has a pretty understanding and helpful community.

I suppose I should be concearned with the influx of new players. Will the economy change? What about the ever present housing shortage? Will folks start to lose the friendly feeling when there’s so many new people?

Some of these things are real concerns. Though I have to say that one thing I do find amazing about FFXIV is that it seems like they do listen to their community. 

I am hoping that they continue the trend and that as questions come up, they also work on solutions.

So while FFXIV continues to grow, I welcome it. I look forward to the developers having more capital to work with, and I look forward to seeing new people.

I just hope that everyone gets to enjoy FFXIV as much as I have. It really is an MMO that has a little bit of something for everyone.


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