Moogle Treasure Trove and Patch 5.5 Announcement

It’s that time again! Time to hear the Moogle’s call and do rush through dungeons for Irregular Tomestones! I have no idea what they are but there’s this little Moogle dude that takes them from you and gives you cool stuff. What kind? Well mounts, glamours, even riding maps to make your Chocobo go that much faster. 

For more information definitely check out the lodestone here for everything you need to know. 

Also the next patch is coming super soon, just next month. There’s a special site that even gives the date. You’ll want to check that out here

These two things are a little linked!

Once patch 5.5 drops the Moogle Treasure Trove event will end so if you like any of the goodies on the list now is the time to delve into those dungeons and get your tomestone on. 

Until next time I’ll be puttering in my garden and screaming at my house while I try to decorate it. Stay safe, stay awesome and have fun out there!


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