FF14: White Mage-ing

As of right now I’m all in Final Fantasy 14 and well, yeah I’m pretty busy with it. It’s a game that has A LOT to do and I really only have time for about half of it, but I try. 

I have managed to complete the main story and get the Scholar/Summoner up to 80. I pretty much mained Scholar (SCH) because it was just fun for me and it’s a great healing class to run around the world with.

Now I’m exploring other healing options. At the moment there’s only three healing classes available in FF14. Why? No clue.


I did play around with the Astrologian and I love it. I’d recommend it as just a fast and fun healer. It helps the party dps faster which can be great for dungeons and there’s a lot less standing still time early on with some of it’s abilities.

I did however swap out for the White Mage WHM at the moment. Mostly for roleplaying reasons, because yes I’m a nerd that does that. But also because a lot of people rave about it and I decided to see how the other half lives.

That AND when I started doing the current end game content Bazja where you do a lot of open world grinding, I found that my Scholar, while I love it, just wasn’t giving me the happy feels. So I figured, hey, I’ll try out the other healers and see what Iike the best. 

I love healing in FF14 and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys MMO healing. It’s very gratifying especially since the developers really want healers to be able to just heal. Granted, I do a bit more than that. When I can, not to be irresponsible about it, but I try to help with the group DPS. I had hoped that the Scholar class would be able to do that a bit more but it really feels like I’m chasing HP points when healing with it. With the Astrologian I don’t really feel like I need to worry about DPS so much as I just buff everyone else and that’s relaxing. 

The White Mage WHM however is another beast entirely. You are able to do a bit of side damage while your hots tick away and it’s a bit like the WoW Druid where you can set up a lot of Heal over Time spells and then go on about your business. 

Now that isn’t always the case but it’s fun when you cant. 

Now that I’ve written another essay and STILL haven’t managed to update the site, I’ll get to getting on that. 

Stay safe out there and hope you’re having all the fun you can!


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