FF14 Busy At Everything and Nothing

I have been super busy in Final Fantasy 14 as of late. I did try to get into World of Warcraft Shadowlands and it is great. But it’s great for World of Warcraft. I really have a hard time comparing it to the content found in Final Fantasy 14. 

Story aside just some of the creature comfort aspects of FF14 really make the game for me. Being able to dye my armor and having a wide variety of armor skin choices is a pretty big deal. I really like mixing and matching so just one outfit over everything doesn’t always work for me. That and being able to run around in black is just my thing. 

FF14 also has housing. That alone is a big deal for me because it’s a tiny creative outlet and my own little in game hideaway for those times when I want to be online but I can’t be bothered to do anything. On the server I moved to Omega, there’s also a great Role Playing scene and they do some amazing things with housing to really add to RP.

The last biggest element of the game for me is Useful Crafting! Yes, you can actually craft raid worthy gear in FF14. You can also craft a huge amount of the housing objects for the game which means there’s almost always something to make and even sell. That means it’s actually a great market for crafters. Not to mention it’s just great to be a crafter and make the things you put in your house. I’ve made a lot of the stuff I have in my current place. It literally looks like a run down loft but I love it. I have to post screen shots soon. 

So yeah, while I do love the direction they’re taking in World of Warcraft I can’t say that I prefer it over playing FF14. One of the biggest sells for me was that the FF14 developers actually design their healing classes in such a way that you can level through the whole game as a healer. Yes outside of a few levels I actually leveled up to 80 in healing classes. I started with the White Mage and swapped over to the Archanist once I was able to level it up to 30 for Scholar.

I’ve leveled to 80 mostly with my Scholar and I still play it in the open world. I love the fact that I can roam around on a healer and not only hold my own but help out fellow players. It can mean the world to people rapid leveling DPS without the best gear as they have someone filling their health bars while they do what they do best, tear things up.

I’m even slowly getting into RP again here and there. I have a great concept for a character for probably the first time ever. 

Safe to say that all of this has kept me VERY busy. 

So plans for the future here are posting pictures of the craptastic job I’ve done decorating a small house in the Lavender Beds and possibly about some of my RP adventures if I have any. 

I’m not super worried about getting the shiny end game weapon, but I probably will unlock the ability to work on it as I actually want a chest piece you can buy from fates with the fate currency. I am LOVING the fact that you can do fates and actually get currency for doing so. I’d recommend unlocking that if you do crafting since it not only gives a break from gathering and crafting to do a little combat, but it makes it easy to get some crafting components. 

In the meantime I hope everyone is staying safe out there and enjoying their time in game, whichever one it might be!







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