Experiment EvE: Last Day Of The Halloween Horrors

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been doing much in EvE beyond mining. Right now EvE will probably have a hard time pulling people away from a lot of the other games pulling out some really interesting content this month. So must fight the urge to stop playing EvE! 

I do plan on being in every day and at the very least mining. I do need to take a quick look over the market and political situations. Then I can start working on a nice long term roadmap that I can slowly work at over time. 

EvE is a bit of a hurry up and wait kind of game. I’ve hurried through what I can, and now it’s time to wait. But hey, it’s not like Capital Construction is something that can just get tossed out over night. 

Space Politics

So right now it looks like the war is still raging pretty hard down there. With around 322 ships lost in the last 24 hours. Though this time it looks like the fighting has spread out a bit. There were two different big brawls. 

It doesn’t look like production is slowing down however. 1,593 Manufacturing jobs were queued up just in 1DQ1-A alone within the last 24 hours. That isn’t counting the yellow dots you see around the area which are also manufacturing jobs as well.

Supply And Demand

This should be driving some demand for HiSec minerals. At least I hope so. Right now compressed Veldspar alone is sitting at around 2,300 ish ISK per unit. Which isn’t a bad haul for a day’s worth of mining. The prices have dropped from the peak at 3k just a few weeks ago. 

It does not seem like the Halloween of Horrors event has driven much in the way of an increase in demand for ore. At least not as much as I was hoping it would. I had thought that there would be more ship destruction than usual. I think there has been, but I also think that people probably bought up in preparation for the event thinking the same. That would probably explain why the prices have gone down. 

Though I’m pretty sure that prices haven’t completely plummeted due to the fact that so much ship destruction continues to take place. 

I’m hoping that they hold at roughly that rate or even increase but who knows what the future holds. If nothing else just having a chance to look over the data is always interesting.

Until next time stay healthy and fly safe!


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