Experiment EvE Update

As a quick update, the asteroid belts are back in Low Sec. This is apparently making quite a few miners pretty happy. I can’t say it doesn’t work for me as it means there’s going to be less competition in HiSec since people are fighting it out in Low Sec over the higher value ores.

Either way, everyone will need Tritanium so I’ll still be in business. Even if it’s high volume and low to mid value business. 

While WoW is distracting me a bit and the corp is thin at the moment. The Halloween Horrors event doesn’t do much to boost the mining drive. Well not for most people. For some reason I keep mining. 

Even solo mining in a barge at this point I’m up to over 130million in ore. Hopefully I can get in a bit more over the weekend. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to make another haul and sale.

Today I’ll probably be doing Project Discovery a bit as I’m still eyeing that lab coat and possibly getting in some more mining. 

Until next time Stay Healthy, Fly Safe, and have some fun!
We can all use it right now!


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