Experiment EvE Miners Getting Anxious

The general concept of mining in EvE Online is pretty simple. You equip a ship with mining gear, find an asteroid belt, target and press F1. Not too much to worry about there.

The big problems show up when there are no asteroids to mine. That is becoming an issue in the game. 

Missing Roids

According to folks I’ve talked to in game it looks like some asteroid belts aren’t respawning. Usually when asteroid belts are mined out, they respawn after daily server maintenance. 

Recently CCP made a change to the game to Ice Belts. When the belts are mined out they don’t respawn in same place. Another belt in another system respawns instead. 

This means players have to hunt down the ice belts. Since they’re also more rare it means players are fighting over them too. 

Oddly enough players are noticing the same thing happening in other types of Ore belts. From what I’m hearing in game some places that have been mined out just aren’t respawning ore at all. 

LowSec Agitation

In LowSec this seems to be happening quite a bit. LowSec mining is hotly contested at the moment as players are fighting each other to mine the ore that is spawning in the region. It’s currently worth a lot since it’s really dangerous to mine there. That’s one of the big PvP playgrounds.

Mining players are already getting frustrated with this turn of events and I can’t blame them. Granted I’m kind of stuck in EvE for a year as part of my experiment. If I wasn’t, I’d probably revert to Alpha and play for free until things were fixed.

Safe to say I’ll be sticking to HiSec mining for a bit and I really hope that things don’t change in my neck of the woods. So far it seems like things are respawing but who knows if HiSec will end up with the bug as well.

Until Next time Stay Healthy and Fly Safe!


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