WoW Setting A Goal

At the moment I have only been playing WoW once  a week with friends and family. Lately I’ve been logging in once a day to do some basic dailies just to get some spare gold and XP. 

Since recent changes however I’ve decided that I want to unlock the druid flight form. Mostly to carry other players. The Legion Class mounts were awesome and I did go through everything to unlock the Demon Hunter class mount. I wanted the Demon Hunter pepe.

I completed Most of the tasks for the druid and must have run out of steam. Since I’ve decided to main Druid in the Shadowlands expansion I want to knock those out to get that form. 

I only have about 8 achievements to complete for the Meta Achievement “Breaching the Tomb“. That would mean I would have managed to eek out two whole class mounts for Legion and meh, that’s more than enough for me. 

I’ll have to track my progress as go. Unless I get distracted by a shiny. 


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