Experiment EvE Mining And Analysis

I have to admit that at the moment I’m pretty boring. While we did get a big sale in yesterday, today is just refilling the bins. 

Fewer 'Roids to Go 'Round

I can say that where we are the Veldspar is getting sparse. The belts are full of pretty much every other asteroid, but a lot of the asteroid belts are completely stripped of Veldpsar. 

Though Scordite is picking up in price and Pyroxers is at an all time high, I can’t say that it’s moving. The Pyroxers that I put up on the Market a few days ago was just under cut and hasn’t sold. 


Dwindling Demand

This means people aren’t buying it so demand is pretty low. At least for the Ore. 

If it doesn’t move after the time is up I’ll probably try refining it and selling it off as a mineral. The mineral might move faster.

Ship Destruction Check In

Perhaps the need for Veldspar stems from the ship destruction over the last 7 days. Keep in mind that the 90% drop rate on ship kills continues until the 10th. That’s plenty of time for people to kill or be killed. 

According to xKillboard there’s been 142,116 kills over the last 7 days. Some of the ships destroyed have ranged in the hundreds of billions. Kind of mind boggling for someone like me, but that’s what it’s like living on the low end of EvE. 

The War Goes On

While a lot of ship destruction is happening in Jita’s backyard. A lot of that is HiSec. You can also see a lot of action is happening in Low Sec. With not only the better rewards from the Halloween Horrors event getting doled out there, but higher value Ore drawing in miners.

In one Delve System there were 259 ships destroyed in 24 hours. You an also see that manufacturing is working to rebuild the losses with 1,636 build jobs started in the last 24 hours. 

It looks like over all destruction and production are keeping players busy in EvE Online. 

I’m just the middle man keeping them supplied with the base materials. 

I am hoping that at least some of these pew pews will put ISK in my pocket as everyone has to rebuild their ships.

In the mean time I’m just going to keep mining until the market changes. 

Until Next time Stay Healthy and Fly Safe!


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