Experiment EvE A Sale And More Mining

So quick update for today. Yesterday was the Tuesday D&D night so mining didn’t really happen. It looks as though mining is picking up where we are currently working out of as things are pretty picked over today.

We did managed to contract out a large quantity of compressed ore and that was worth half a billion ISK. So at least mining is still profitable.

It looks like the Compressed Pyroxers I put up for sale isn’t moving. So that might not end up being a viable side gig in the long run. There’s a big price tag on it, but I can imagine people are probably just buying the minerals instead of buying the ore. 

That means It might be time to look into getting in some refining and selling. That means adding a few more rows to my spreadsheet. Yaaay!

That is an experiment for tomorrow. In the meantime, Stay Healthy and Fly Safe!

(Or unsafe, really the choice is always yours!)


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