Experiment EvE Mining And Selling

Things have been fairly quiet in my section of space over the last 24 hours. There’s only been minimal ship destruction. On seeing the map looking light on destruction over the last 24 hours I decided to move some compressed ore to a retail upwell nearby. 

Since this was corporation mined ore it’s getting sold on the corporation wallet with the funds going back to the corp. We’re looking at saving up for a future corporation endeavor. Since we’re still in the “it would be nice” phase of thinking at the moment, I’m not going to go into it. There are a lot of ifs involved in us ever getting that concept off the ground, let me tell you what.

Though with that amount of ore off on the market the corporation is looking at a profit of about 44 million ISK and some change. Fortunately this isn’t our main income route as that’s not what we can pull in on a big haul.

Moving Ore Can Be Tricky

Sadly at the moment our ore is kind of building up as we haven’t really been getting it hauled off. Mostly out of an over abundance of caution.  One thing people do for fun in EvE Online is hang out at the jump gates and destroy player’s ships for whatever goodies they have inside. Compressed ore is pretty easy to haul off so it would be a tempting target. Granted though not as tempting as any well fitted battleship though. Hence my ‘fly cheap’ motto. 

I still have to update our spreadsheet to see how much our contract ore is worth. Then we need to get everything packed up and pushed out the door.

Hopefully we’ll at least have some income trickling in from the ore sale in the upwell. Fingers crossed right?  

EvE Passive Income

As for future income projects there are a few other passive income earners I want to get set up for the future. I still plan on getting into researching blue prints for the market, getting research set up for data cores, and Planetary Interaction. These things will help generate income even when I’m offline playing D&D or WoW.  With a passive income stream I can then pop into the game, do a little bit of asset management, and then go out and enjoy myself.

Which for now involves happily mining asteroid belts in HiSec. It’s very relaxing to just do a bit of mining. I do enjoy doing some missions or combat complexes once in a while, but EvE Online Mining is just a very zen activity that really helps make a person feel like they’re getting something useful done in very uncertain times.


Thanks for reading my rambling and until next time, stay healthy and fly safe!


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