World of Warcraft: 16th Anniversary Event And Shadowlands Launch Date

Now is a great time to check out WoW again if you’re able to. There is currently an extended anniversarry event going on until the 22nd of November. That of course is the day before the new expansion Shadowlands Launches.

We were able to put on about 5 levels in just a couple hours of gameplay. Folks leveling more efficiently will certainly do better and if you’re using dungeon finder you’ll probably shoot through the levels like nobody’s business. 

On a personal note I’m starting to feel more inspired to play WoW again. I do however need to make sure to work on picking up enough gold not only for myself, but also for Talta as she has very limited play time overall currently. She enjoys playtime on the weekend quite a bit, but due to her current working hours, getting online during the week just isn’t happening. 

It’s always nice to have guildmates, family and friends who game and who have no problem helping out. 

Until next time, have fun out there and stay safe!


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