Experiment EvE – Light Weekend Heavy On Skillpoints

Welcome to Monday! Not everyone’s favorite day but this is actually a day I can take a minute to get settled in for a blog post before getting to work. For me weekends are very busy with a very busy mini-me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This weekend in particular I’ve had some other issues medical issues that have reduced my game time and increased my sleep time. While I feel guilty about not gaming, I can say I don’t feel guilty about getting in some extra sleep.

Regardless I still managed to get in a good amount of mining over Friday. The corp has also been on a mining blitz so even with one member down things are still rocking along. Almost literally since what we do is eat asteroids in space. 

It’s not sexy but it currently  makes a decent amount of ISK. That’s something I can’t complain about. 

Taking a look at the current overview it looks like there’s been a good amount of destruction over the weekend. In at least 24 hours you can see that space is pretty well lit up with ship destruction. Not great for the people losing ships, great for people in the business of replacing them!

The beautiful thing about EvE is that there is so much information available to see what’s going on everywhere. This kind of information really helps when you want to decide where you want to base your operations in EvE. Though if you put yourself too far away from the action, that means you have to take what goods you have to sell into the action. Since people like blowing up haulers that can be pretty dangerous. 

In the meantime the market for ores is fluctuating. It can really be a kick in the gut to see a big dip in the market. 

I’ve convinced the corp to diversify a bit into a few other avenues of income. Just in case the market completely plummets. 

Though on the bonus side it seems like mining is trucking along. I really feel like having the active sites up have been a real boon in Crimson Harvest event. Not only does it offer some fat lewts for players, but it also gives people fun stuff to fight over. 

It’s way more rewarding to attack a player for a temporarily available skin and their expensive combat fittings, than a miner running on the cheap. 

I haven’t had a chance to hit one of those guys yet. For the most part I don’t really have any combat ships that I feel would be able to do well or even survive. Here’s a great video from Aceface where he’ll take you right into the funzies!

I hope you enjoy! 

Well time for me to get back to work. So far I haven’t earned as much as I’d like this weekend. 

Skill wise however, which is the beautiful part about EvE online, is that my skills have continued tricking along despite me being offline. 

I can always take a quick peek at how far along my skills are by checking the mobile app. Right now I’ve almost completed Advance Industry which is great. With that out of the way I’ll only need a few hours of skills to unlock Capital Construction. 

That opens up a whole new world of stuff to build. That should be amazing! 

Thanks to EvE’s current login rewards, I’ve picked up a lot of extra skill points and that has made a world of difference. What should have taken over a week has been really cut down.

Not that I’d mind waiting a week. For me this stuff will happen when it happens. But I won’t lie, it’s always nice to see a completed skill first thing in the morning. 

Not that I check… 

So until next time, Fly Safe and welcome to November!


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