Experiment EvE: The Crimson Harvest Day 1

As Experiment EvE continues interesting times just keep getting more interesting. The price of Compressed Veldspar is still volatile as hell but that is not stopping HiSec miners I can tell you.

It also seems as though they’re not being stopped by The Crimson Harvest either. This is a fun addition to the game that gives players a whole bunch of new sites to check out.

New Anomaly Sites!

These sites are fantastic! There are a lot of them all over the place. Look for Blood Raider Covenant or Shining Flame anomalies to get in on the goods. So if you’re interested in getting in on the new lewts this would definingly be something to check out and I’m pretty sure players are doing so all ready. Check out the patch notes to see for yourself but here’s a bit of a basic rundown:

Rewards include ISK, new and returning ship SKINs, fireworks, Crimson Harvest apparel, blueprints for a new Blood Raider modified Mobile Tractor Unit, powerful faction modules and implants, and limited-time Cerebral Accelerators!



Temporary Drop Changes

Also keep in mind that with this  patch and until November 10, all player ships are set to drop 90% of their fittings.

So if you’re doing these sites you’ll probably want to bring the cheapest effective setup you can muster to save yourself a headache if you loose your ship. This is probably also not the best time to fly around expensive ships.


Flying Cheap And Tanky

At the moment I’m seeing a lot of the solo Orca mining pilots docked. People like myself are still mining but we’re taking out what we can either replace or tankier fits. While a tanky fit may not help you survive and alpha strike. Hopefully it will give you enough shield to warp off and save your ship, but there’s no guarantees.

With the current drop rules it’s probably best however to just not fly anything you can’t afford to lose. That is a cardinal rule in EvE as the saying goes. At the moment it’s all the more true!

While I was going to swap out for a venture I’ve decided to just run a procurer instead. A Skiff would be ideal but sadly I do not have the skill for that and it’d still be an expensive loss. At the moment I can afford to lose the Procurer. I would be able to replace it and I have a back up Mining Barge.


Preparing To Lose Hoping To Win

In the limited stints of time I’ve played EvE I’ve learned to prepare for loss. I can’t tell you how may catalysts I’ve gone through. While I’ve been luckier with my mining equipment, I’m not going to be complacent. I’m always prepared to lose ships. I know that when I undock in anything I’m not safe.

I do fly like a cheapskate and I don’t own any flashy ships. What I do have I’ve earned through countless hours of mining and grinding, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am curious to see how much I can make in EvE over the course of one year. That is all going to be dependent on the market. Right now the market is great for HiSec mining. Probably the best it’s ever been. The downside is that there is a lot of competition.

At the moment I’m back below half a billion ISK after buying and fitting the Procurer. Hopefully the ship will make that back over the course of the next week as I wait out the Crimson Harvest. Only time will tell.

Until next time Pilots, Fly Spooky!!

(It is almost Halloween!)


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