Experiment EvE ORE Industrial Command Skilled And Extended Downtime

First off today there will be extended downtime as a new patch is pushed to the players. If it is the Halloween patch (and I’m pretty sure it is) it should make life very interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of chaos happens over the next few days. I’ll have to link more about patch notes after those go live.

I am finally able to fly ORE Industrial Command ships. That means I can fly the Porpoise and the Orca. We had a Porpoise built so I’ll be piloting that for now.

The Corp has blueprints for an Orca that are ready and waiting to be used. I agreed to build it, but it will take almost another week to complete skilling Capitol Construction. I don’t mind honestly as that just means I get to focus on mining. 

I will have to make sure that we have enough of the materials we need once I do have the skills, but the primary estimates were that we had at least enough of the base minerals. The rest we’ll just have to work out when we get there.

Since an Orca can go for over 2 Billion ISK at the moment I’m quite fine with buying the bp’s and building one. Then using it’s haul to recoup the construction costs. 

For the time being I’m going to pilot my Retriever for some quick ISK. Over the weekend I might even downgrade to a Venture just to keep mining, but minimize my losses. It depends on what I feel like doing when really.

It may be time to move system again. All we really need is an upwell and preferably one that isn’t mined out. It seems like more players are coming back into the game. While this is great for the game, it does mean that there’s going to be more mining competition. 

Hopefully with an Orca and the mining boosts the Corp will be able to get enough in to make a profit. So far we’ve made a quite a bit just selling compressed ore and that market doesn’t look like it’s going to change too soon.

Well time to get back to business. Until next time, fly safe! 

(Or don’t it’s almost Halloween after all!)


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2 years ago

It’s very interesting to read your thoughts as you play this, brings me back to when I used to play.

Sadly the pandemic and other issues have resulted in me being unable to justify paying to play games, but reading quality blogs helps keep me entertained.

Thank you for the content!

Slick Vinny
Slick Vinny
2 years ago
Reply to  Miskav

Heyo, it is currently free to play EVE, other possible issues notwithstanding.

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