Experiment EvE What A Lovely Day

Welcome to Tuesday. Yesterday was slightly uneventful besides spending way too much time researching spreadsheets. 

PS if you’re going to use GoogleSheets to share your data with other peeps and you don’t mind doing a bit of scripting yourself, check out the Fuzzworks API. If anyone asks for a more detailed explanation of how it works I can give a super rudimentary rundown. I am not a guru on GoogleSheets scripting so I’m not going to just toss out a bunch of stuff.

It hasn’t been an exciting day in the neighborhood where I do my daily mining. Though it seems like the numbers are picking up where I hang out at the moment. The overall concurrent users according to the launcher has stayed around 20k concurrent users and rising. Not sure why the numbers were so low the week before but they do seem to be going up.

Vinny has also been looking at the data around us and it seems like a lot of corps are trying to get into Low and Null sec mining. Low Sec ores are only growing in price at the moment. It’s not easy to get into Low Sec mining. Between pvpr’s that just enjoy killing miners in Low Sec and some Low Sec Corps that have their own mining operations out there, you can imagine competition is pretty stiff. 

I’m betting CCP is seeing roughly what they were hoping to see. People moving outside their comfort zones, and ships getting blown up. What’s not to love?

They did release a new video yesterday:

I’m wondering how much more the game is going to pick up after people hearing about these HUGE pvp battles. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that. Well outside of the regions slowing to a crawl when the servers are processing that much data, it’s probably not as exciting as pvp in some of the more actiony combat games. It is however interesting from a more political and social aspect in just watching how things turn out.

I can only imagine what all this must look like on the development side.

Until next time, Fly Safe!


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