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Since the High Sec mining craze is a thing lately I’ve been mining like crazy. I’m not the only one I see a lot of Orca floating about. Though I think it’s strange to see people solo mining in Orca but hey, it’s apparently the thing to do these days.

I’m started mining in a T1 frigate back in 2009. I was can flipped, tried mining directly into a friends hauler and was super excited whenever the one guy who had an Orca pulled it out for mining ops. 

Granted I’m still excited by the idea of mining ops. That is why I’m focusing on piloting the mining industrials. We have a Porpoise at the ready and I’m skilling up to build a Orca for the corp which should be something we’ll be able to pilot soon-ish. I don’t plan on solo mining in either of these rigs however. I’m fine with a mining barge since they’re a bit easier to replace than a 2 billion ISK Orca.

One day I might have that kind of cash stash but at the moment it’s not the case. 

Spreadsheets For the Win

I finally joined the party in setting up a minor spreadsheet to help pull data from EvEMarketer. There’s some great info on how to get those set up on the EvE University Wiki and I’d highly recommend getting started there if you want a written run down. If you’re more of a video person there are several YouTube videos dedicated to setting up trade spreadsheets for EvE online. 

The corp really needed a way to be able to calculate our ore haul against current market data. We were constantly looking at the data and then doing the calculations. Thing is this is a really inefficient way to do things in EvE. The reason for this is that EvE is one of the few online games that has always had a robust data API both for players and market data available to the player base. 

How it Works

EvE Marketer lets players access their API and run calls to query specific parts of EvE Online’s market data. By using =importxml() (with some additional stuff to pull what you want) in your spreadsheet, you can ask EvEMarketer what the current prices look like in game.

So take a string like this:

=importxml(“https://api.evemarketer.com/ec/marketstat?typeid=28432&usesystem=30000142”, “//sell/min”)

  • The =importxml() asks the spreadsheet to go online and look at some xml. 
  • The url https://api.evemarketer.com/ec/marketstat? tells the spreadsheet where to look for the data
  • The typeid typeid=28432 tells the spreadsheet to ask for a specific item in the game, (this is the ID for compressed veldspar)
  • The & just tells the system “wait there’s more”
  • Then usesystem  usesystem=30000142 the ‘more’ asks for data from a specific region
  • The end bit “//sell/min” means that you’re asking for the minimum posted sell order in that region

There is a LOT more you can do with the API to do your own market analysis. If you want to know more definitely check out the EvE University Wiki post there is a lot of material there. It also includes links to the API and various spreadsheets that list the ID numbers for the regions and the items themselves. That will make it a lot easier to set up a spreadsheet with the information you need to see. 

These kinds of tools are nearly required in EvE to keep an industrialist above water. While the EvE market doesn’t tend to tank as much as general MMO markets where people will randomly post things for stupid large or small amounts, it does fluxuate based on demand and market conditions.

The EvE online marketplace is probably one of the markets that’s a super close simulation of real life markets right down to sovereignty GDP’s from Null Sec.  

The EvE online marketplace is currently experiencing a lot of change though and that’s something for a whole blog post. I also need a lot more screenshots of EvE.

Until next time, Fly Safe!



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