Experiment EvE The Beginning

This story really begins in 2009. For some reason I never really recorded a lot of my time in EvE. Granted a lot of it is not super exciting since I’m a High Sec Industrialist.

As the curse goes “May you live in interesting times.” Right now in EvE we’re living through very interesting times. That is part of the reason I decided to pick the game back up again if for no other reason that to see first hand what the player impact of these changes are for ‘the other half.’ 

At this point I’m looking at starting from humble beginnings yet again in EvE online. I came back to a wallet balance that would probably make most capsuleers laugh and a set of skill points to match since I just haven’t stuck with the game long enough to really get a decent amount of really, anything, built up.

A lot of that had to do with just not having much in the way of goals in EvE. So much like I had tried to set for myself when playing Warframe, I want to try that again here in EvE. 

The One Year Plan

My plan is to play EvE for one full year and just see how far I can get in Skill Points and just economically with that amount of time.

These are interesting times in EvE. The developers (CCP) are making a lot of changes to the game. I’m really curious to see where EvE goes over time. I’m thining that one year of time should be enough to get a good idea of where things are heading. 

I’m also loving a lot of the graphical changes in EvE. I love seeing the holo ads on the outside and inside of stations. For me it just adds a little extra flavor to the game. I mean EvE already has a lot of personality, but this really helps bring things together. 

I may have some big plans in EvE. To stave off burnout I’m going to put a lot of those on the back burner. At the moment I intend to focus on things like skilling up for logistics and industrial command ships. 

Mining & Refining

Currently I’m doing a lot of mining for compressed Veldspar that we’re contracting to another player who’s collecting it for another Corporation. It was lucrative the first week, but as the prices drop we’re becoming hesitant to contract out more. 

At the moment with my refining skills almost maxed out. I’m considering selling Tritanium on the market or well at least leaving a lump of it up while the prices are good. Industrialists in Amarr space could probably use it since it’d take longer to get it from Jita these days. For me it’s not so much about making the most ISK as making enough to keep myself in ships and slowly save over time for other things I want to do. Though don’t tell the CEO I said that.

Skill wise I changed my original idea from skilling to Exhumers to Industrial Command ships. Since I’d already skilled into the Noctis another industrial ship, I had a nice start on things already. 

I’m also working on my remote repair and boosting skills. That should be interesting for corporation outings. We’re we’re doing those weekly at this point and that’s actually pretty awesome.

Today is probably going to mean a bit more mining and next week possibly some mining missions as well. I eventually want to get some sell orders set up to make a bit of ISK over time. I’ll have to see what I end up doing!

Until next time, Fly Safe!


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