Building Games Around Disabilities

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One of the fun folks on my Discord let me watch a game currently in development I can do a write up on it later if anyone is curious but that’s not the point of this post.

The game does look solid enough for an alpha and should be quite fun for people who just love roaming around in a ship shooting things.

As our friend who shared it is submitting reports to the developer when he encounters issues he asked that I do a quick write up on one that I encountered when he was displaying the game through a shared Discord session.

It has one ship that has a special type of texture with a very tiny, very tight meshed high contrast pattern.

Most people would just find this annoying at best. For me however, this is an instant trip to headache-vill with a side of nausea if I have to look at it for too long.

For some reason my brain instantly associates high contrast patterns usually in circular, paisley or camo style patterns as instantly being out at sea on one of those crab boats in Alaska.

Black and white tiled bathrooms are the bane of my existence.

Now for the most part I really haven’t run into too many people who have an issue like this. Though I can say that as more and more people get into gaming, developers and game producers may start to encounter this issue more and more.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people had this issue and instead of bringing it up they just stopped playing the game or only played the game in modes or styles that didn’t make them instantly ill.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve also had issues with major MMO titles with high contrast or bright effects with swift animations.

One game I have no issues with of course is WoW since they haven’t upgraded their engine to have these kinds of issues and FF14 where I can actually just turn the effects off as a nod to people with epilepsy and other issues that are far worse than what I experience.

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Now I’m tossing this ball out there, not that there isn’t more than enough for all of us to think about lately, but if you were building games, how would you go about helping gamers who had these issues play your games? Would you want to make adjustments or expect the players to work around them?

Well that’s all for me folks! Thanks a bunch as always for reading my ramblings and I hope that wherever you are you’re safe, healthy and hopefully as sane as you want to be. You’re always welcome here!


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