WoW Night At Brewfest

It’s September in World of Warcraft and every WoW veteran knows that that means! Ok well besides usually waiting for new content it’s also time for BREWFEST!

That odd drinking festival where both the Horde and Alliance focus on ale and sausage for a week straight.

It’s also add another mount/goodie grind in tokens as WoW players grind a temporary set of dailies all for this month’s goodies.

I usually do it to get sloshed with Talta and enjoy a bit of family time, which when you have up to a 9 hour time difference between you and your family can mean a lot.

Despite BfA being a bit of a mixed bag in reviews it seems like people came out of the wood work for a Kodo mount, a Brewfest tabard, some snazzy short pants and a whole lot of boozing.

We even did the eating competition thing, but it seemed to bug out on Talta so she didn’t manage to complete the quest for it. It was creeping up on time for me to hit the sack so I didn’t look that up but if anyone has suggestions for her I’d love to pass them along.

characters eating at eating competition in World of Warcraft

I plan on doing some boozing at Brewfest this week, the xp is pretty dang good for leveling characters and it’s a great chance to add some odds and ends to my overstuffed WoW collection.

I hope to see you there! If not just have a few for me. Have fun out there and remember to stay safe, stay healthy and try to stay sane, but if that’s not working you’re always welcome here for a small does of randomness!


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