Titania Prime Rebuilding The Pew Pews

Titania is currently my favorite frame. I have a few others but this one just lets me get all of my pew pew on. I did a bit of heavy customization to my Titania Warframe so that I could keep her airborn as much as warframingly possible.

Now that I have Titania Prime (which I love) it’s time to rebuild the badassed-ness. It looks like the weapons are going to be my primary forma drain for now with the Warframe it’s self requiring formas once I actually get around to finish upgrading my mods.

Zee Frame
Zee Slash Slash
Zee Pew Pew

This is one of the “on the list” items I have to complete.

I also want to finish my railjack as well as level up a few of the other warframes I’ve got sitting in storage. Oh and the Daemos thing…

And all this while I’m also playing WoW and trying to decide if I want to still play FF14. My house is amazing, me, not so much.

In the mean time I’m also looking at developing my own wordpress theme as I want something that’s easier to read for everyone (including myself) and I want something that’ll do a little more heavy lifting for me.

Gotta make this site earn it’s keep. Probably by serving as a database for my D&D campaign that’ll make it easier for zee players to see a list of the random npc’s that have been created over time.

Until next time, stay safe, stay awesome, and stay about as sane as you want to be, you’ll always be welcome here!


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2 years ago

Neat, I really should get back to Warframe after quitting when Plains of Eidolon dropped.

Your recent posting about it have made me reinstall it, so well done!

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