MMO’s When You’re Strange

Too Weird to Play?

I do have some issues with games that keep me out of them sometimes. Tonight is no exception since I’ve been pushing myself this week to get stuff done. Now that it’s the weekend I’m not just exhausted from work but also looking at everything in life that’s piled up in the meantime.

Since I’ve been working in the evenings I haven’t even joined my friends in Warframe and haven’t logged into anything else.

Everyone has weeks like this though, you know when you’ve got a heavy project or there’s been a lot of work over the week. A lot of times for me thought it’s like this whenever I have work as I usually have to put a lot of effort into concentrating. When I do I get great results, but it can be pretty taxing.

Folks who’ve hung out with me for any length of time eventually figure out that I’m really good at pretending to be normal, but under the facade I put on to make other people feel more comfortable I’m actually pretty weird.

I think the term is high functioning, but I work with computers not with brains so I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on in there.

Safe to say though that my weirdness doesn’t end with people and I’ve noticed over the last few years that I’m starting to have some accessibility issues with games that I didn’t realize were a ‘just me’ thing until I started talking about it with other people.

Take for instance GW2 and ESO. In these games there are classes that I can’t play because they actually give me head aches and nausea. So I really play the hell out of the ones I can play, I just avoid the ones that give me problems. And sometimes the people playing those classes, not because I don’t like them, but because if I stand in the effects too long I have to stop playing for a while.

Warframe also gives me some issues at times. The Limbo and Revenant Warframes usually do about the same thing. I can’t stand in any of the limbo effects without starting to have problems.

Also some of the Warframe missions with whispers and such added to the soundtrack really mess with my head when I have on earphones. I hear a lot of extra things every day because my hearing is way more sensitive than a lot of people I guess. Hearing actual voices with no people attached just messes with me.

So as you can imagine it’s rough getting through some missions. Don’t get me wrong I did it. I also really liked the mission and the outcome so it was worth doing, but safe to say it was really strange. Granted it was pretty nice to let my hearing work as an advantage, it was just really unsettling what I was hearing.

Then there’s also just the way mmo’s are set up. Themepark MMO’s really don’t work for me because in my game time I pretty much just want to wander off into the world and do my own thing. Sometimes I don’t even want to quest, I just want to grind or explore and there’s not a lot of games that just offer that much flexibility.

That was one of the things that I really enjoyed about WoW when I first started playing it back in the day. I could just enjoy wandering around the game. I did quests, but I only did dungeons with friends for the most part. The best part about WoW is that you can just skip them if you don’t want do them. Unless you want Legion Pathfinder, that really cheesed me off.

I really love sandbox games and I’m looking forward to New World. So far it’s the only sandbox that I feel as though I could enjoy. Mostly because it doesn’t have open world PvP. I mean even Minecraft has open world PvP.

Well, mostly friendly fire sadly. I might have accidentally killed Vinny’s character. But I did build him a nice tomb marker for where I offed him and picked up his stuff.

I also get pretty nervous doing dungeons anymore and with FF14 I really can’t get a feel for enjoying the dungeons there. Those and in ESO. Partially due to just my slower reaction time and partially due to just performance anxiety.

I know playing WoW will really end up the same, but the reason why I have enjoyed WoW in the past is because I more or less played it as a game aside from the main game. I was always the pleb in the game that never managed to get anywhere but still greeted everyone in guild chat and always had time to go fishing.

Sure I don’t have any achievements outside of a bulk of those for fishing, but I enjoyed what time I invested in the game and that was rewarding.

Any whoot…. (love Animal Crossing btw, would buy an MMO version in a heartbeat). I love MMO’s and I’m going to keep playing them. I’ve met some of the most awesome people playing them and It usually gives me a chance to blow off steam and explore. Things that I just can’t do in daily life without causing problems.

Neighbors really don’t like it when you wander around poking things

So yeah, I’m a lot more out there than I had initially realized and a lot of it I’ve just had hidden over the years. Not because I was ashamed or anything, but mostly because I never thought to talk about it. For the most part I thought that was just the way things were because hey, they are for me, why not for everyone else?

It seems over time though as MMO’s keep growing and changing there’s less and less place for people that are different. While developers are doing a lot to help people with accessibility issues, there’s still a lot of structures and what not that work for most, but just don’t for others.

The downside I see is that since most people just want more of the same, a lot of us who really wish for something different just don’t get our voices heard.

In the meantime I still have some games I enjoy playing a lot and I work around their issues. Other games though I just don’t think I’ll be able to manage and well, I’m fine with that.

From the New World technical preview I’m really thinking this will be a game I enjoy. Though I am really hoping that they tune some sounds because they can downright kill if you’re wearing headphones. I also like that the effects aren’t so over flashy that they make me ill. There’s also a LOT of world to explore without fear of getting one shot by a random player. That’s always a bonus. I mean sure, getting mauled by a random wilderness kitty I’m fine with. That’s part of the adventure.

I’m hoping that more games LIKE this are on their way, but I also understand that there has to be a draw for more than just one player type and that investing in exploration is an expensive undertaking that is honestly ignored by the “must rush to endgame’ player mindset.

With that being said I should probably set some reasonable goals for myself in the games that make me feel comfortable and rewarded and just let the rest go.

Until next time I’ll be compiling my game list and hoping that everyone is healthy and safe. Thanks for taking a trip in my randomness and have a great weekend!


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