D&D Remote Play

D&D Remote Play

When most people think of Dungeons & Dragons they either think of that Saturday Morning cartoon from the 80’s or the imagine a bunch of guys sitting around a table covered in books, dice and Doritos. The table, not the guys….

But as the times are most fortunately changing, so has D&D!

With the growing popularity of live action D&D streaming the game is becoming more and more popular and with a lot of folks who probably wouldn’t have tried it out otherwise. I had always been interested in D&D but I’ve only recently had the opportunity to dig into it.

I was really pleased to announce to our tiny group that last night actually marked our 30th session. I only know this because I journey our travels. If for no other reason than to enjoy looking back on such moments as the second or third time the Fighter wanted to strangle the Warlock or the time the Artificer almost started an international incident via sky writing.

It was the best of times, it was the most awesome of times.

Being the cave dwelling hermit that I am I can assure you that I started playing D&D without knowing any of this. Vinny and one of our long time MMO friends (as well as Warframe clan overlord, the awesome kind) decided they wanted to play D&D. They had played a remote Shadowrun session years ago but that fell out and they just wanted a new adventure.

Vinny wanted to be the DM for a change but they needed more players. I agreed to go along for funzies since it would be something to do and another MMO friend if ours from ESO decided to join in.

Since none of us live in the same country besides Vinny and myself of course, we play over Discord.

D&D On Discord!

These days playing remote is really easy. We have Discord to thank for foing the heavy lifting in that it streams maps from the DM’s PC, we all rp in a designated voice channel, we arrange meetings through an @D&D role and we installed the Avrae bot to do manage combat encounters so we can spend more time on the story and less time running the math.

The Avrae bot by the way can pull D&D character sheet information from a few different sources depending on how you want to run things. We just decided on going the easy route by using the Avrae integration with D&D beyond.

So we have a campaign set up in D&D Beyond. All our character sheets are linked to the campaign, and then we have Avrae pull the character data into Discord when it’s show time. Well and for skill checks etc.

This leaves our DM to focus on the story and not have to worry do much about the more technical aspects of the game which is honestly a great way of getting started in D&D.

The story part of D&D is super fun and interesting for me, but where I really struggle is with combat. I’m still getting used to setting up encounters, figuring out loot and running the encounters.

Now describing how angry the Succubus is that just got hit by a now not so invisible Warlock who’s getting stared down by an Incubus and a Succubus all on his own… well that’s just funzies!

So this is what my Tuesdays are like. Have you tried D&D? Have you wanted to get into it but aren’t sure about groups in your area? Maybe D&D remote might be fun for you. Though you may try it with friends first. The internet can be weird.

If you have tips or tricks for combat, let me know! Or if you want to hear more about the Beast Chronicles I’d be happy to share some of the best bits!

Until next time I’ll be plotting plots and aimlessly MMO wandering. Thanks for visiting, stay healthy and stay safe!


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