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While this isn’t an MMO, I do just want to chronicle a bit of my own D&D tales. These aren’t horror stories, but there is a great reddit for that if you’re interested and a lot of people narrate them on YouTube. I love listening to those because they give me a lot of the “what not to do” sort of inspiration.

I took over as DM I want to say about a month ago I think for the hubby who had been DM’ing for our group. But the day to day stress and him just wanting to get in some game time on other games really crunched his DM prep time and I could tell he was getting frustrated.

He did a great job as DM but I could tell it was wearing him out and I offered to take over as DM for a bit and give him some breathing room.

It turns out that I REALLY enjoy D&D but way more as a DM than as a player. Mostly because I can just act like the game world server. I tell the players what’s going on in the area they’re at and come up with some logical repricussions and activities for them to do.

They’re currently wrapping up a story arc started by the hubby, to find and either take out or bring in a green haired halfling who’d apparenlty flipped his lid and started painting the town in chocolate.

There’s a story there… and it’s beautiful. Not in the epic bardsong rpg tales of old, but more in the, comedy of errors sort of beautiful. Which for our more beer and pretzle type of D&D group works great. Only one of us is min/maxy and even he’s more about investigation fun times than murder hoboing which I’m MORE than happy to indulge!

When I took over the tale it was mostly a simple go find the runaway halfling type of tale. I might have cranked it up a notch by taking into account some of the conflicts that would be going on in the area that the halfling ventured into.

That has really turned a simple ‘get ‘im’ quest into embroiling three characters with only a wagon in common into more or less a team. While they came together as a group and overcame their differences to make it through their current predicament, I’d really like to hope that some part of the story I had building up around them actually helped in some way.

I also do my best to flesh out the world around them, which I can tell you, involves a bit of research because Eberron is a REALLY detailed world. Which I know, as a DM I don’t always ‘have’ to follow and that I can kind of come up with whatever I want on the fly. The thing is though, if there’s already something out there and it’s too delicious to pass up on, there’s no reason not to use it.

Currently the crew has saved a diplomat of one contry who was under threat in forein lands. While they were taking the diplomat back two of the party were having a back and forth discussion that the artificer of the party punctuated by skywriting “Eat a Dick” in the sky over the border between these two nations.

I had fun with this by stating that they could hear shouting from the border crossing as the guards from both sides were declaring that the other was to blame for the text. Neither was of course, but one side of the border is more faith based and uses less magic, so they naturally assumed that the folks on the other side of the border with more magic were the culprits. The magic using side of course knew they didn’t do it and found the whole situation hilarious which didn’t help matters and only added to the time it took to calm the international waters so to speak.

I didn’t go into quite so much detail with the players, I left it more to their imagination, but left the table open for them to poke their head in to see what was going on if they wanted to.

They for the most part were edging toward their veihicle slightly mortified and hoping that no one would come and ask questions. I was laughing so hard I had to mute my mic.

Being a DM is so much fun. It’s a lot of work. Which reminds me that I do need to get to work on their next couple of adventures so that I’ve got stuff for them to do. And no I’m not trying to overdo things, I just want to make sure I have a story and a spare in case they don’t want to do the first one.

As mentioned before I look at my work as being more akin to a game server. I’m there to tell them that there’s a red button in front of them and a sign that says do not push. I am also there to tell them what happens if they push the button, no judgement there. So if they choose to accept something and go along with it, I make it happen, if they don’t then I move on and make something else happen!

It really keeps me thinking and lends to split second creativity. Not to mention, “So what would that bad guy do in this situation.”

Oh speaking of doing stuff I also need to work on making a fake newspaper front displaying their doings over the last few sessions. It would just be something fun and funny for them to have to commemorate their journey.

I wish I’d done that after they crashed a noble’s party. That was a grand time.

Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe and have fun out there!


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2 years ago

Wonderful story. I love being a DM too. It can take a lot of prep but for me it always paid off.

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