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That does not look good… part two

So Day three (for me) has wound to an end. I logged in, I saw, I kicked butt with a healing staff. Life is good.

My main goal for today actually was leveling up gathering enough to harvest some pretty looking (and huge) flowers called Lifebloom.


These things give you life motes that you can use in making better Life Magic staves. I didn’t know it at the time really, I just wanted to be able to harvest them. Since I was close enough to being able to do that I just snagged them.

It took me a good bit of running around and harvesting nodes before I unlocked level 30 gathering. So in the meantime I just pulled a job for killing wolves off of the job board for town to give me a reason to off wolves as I roamed the landscape looking for more stuff to harvest.

Then I had to do other stuff for the day that being an adult requires.

This evening I unlocked the factions after doing all of their busy work. I won’t spoil but it was a thing. I also did a butt load of harvesting along the way. I was also able to harvest the fire magic equivalent of the life magic stuff from a Dragonblossom plant.

Safe to say I was picking a lot of posies.

I barely managed to get I think it’s Alchemy? Leveled up high enough that I could actually craft a new life staff after crafting a bunch of fire staves. I think I need to work on fire a bit.

Thing is I can’t say that magic does as much damage as the bow, but personally I find it gratifying to use. That and I don’t have to carry ammo so honestly I think it’s a bit of a give and take.

I left off tonight at a bit of an impass. Apparently the next quest I need to do is a bit above my level so it’s grinding to get high enough to do the quest. Not that I mind at all I can just work on killing stuff to level. It’s hilarious that my gathering and skinning are higher than my actual charactar level in spades. Honestly I think it’s great, that just shows how much I’m enjoying the crafting and gathering part of the game, which is really what I’m there for anyway.

I doubt I’ll get a lot of time to play tomorrow since that’s actually going to be D&D with the boyz.

It’s about like this.

Hopefully when I do get back in again I figure out what gear I can craft and or grind up some craftings and possibly just level things up by doing quests.

Until next time have fun out there, stay well and stay safe!


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