What To Play Now?

Rainy Day In Gridania

So yeah. What to play now?

Elder Scrolls Online

Despite my lack of blog content, I have been playing ESO on and off again since at least a year before Summerset hit. Even as the slacker I am, I managed to accomplish quite a bit in the few years I played ESO. I know, I know, I’m a total slacker so I really shouldn’t have bothered, but I was actually hanging out with some people for a change and got caught up in things.

That is not exactly the case anylonger. As these things tend to go, but I am still in touch with some of the really fun people I met in ESO and played on weekends with Talta. Getting to run around in ESO was pretty fun once she got the hang of it. Since she’s been getting more into games she’s improved in leaps and bounds from the “Just lay down now” days back in our old WoW guild.

World of Warcraft:

Well these guys are realeasing a whole new expansion in a couple of months. This has me kind of interested because I like some of the new concepts. What do I not like so much, well it’s still WoW and despite the number of times I’ve tried to get into it, I rarely stay there for long.

BUT Talta wants to pick it up again as well… So that’s becoming a deciding factor. Talta is a member of my family that still lives back in the US and I get to play with her on weekends. So that weighs a bit on which game I’ll end up playing.

I played the hell out of Legion but BFA just didn’t do anything for me. Calls to war just don’t sell for me. That and after getting Pathfinder I felt pretty burned out. I took a break from WoW and when I tried to get back into the game but found things to be well, less than inviting at the time. I think it was just the people I knew.

Now I’m back on the US servers with Talta and I’ll give it a go for a bit. If it sticks I’ll get the new expansion and see if it keeps my attention. If not, I’m not going to feel bad about walking away, yet again.

Final Fantasy 14

I have an on again off again relationship with FF14. I can’t tell you why, I really just can’t. The graphics are great. The combat is a cut above the standard stand still and cast. The Chocobos racing is adorable.

It really is a game with so much life, charm and … housing. Yes I mangaged to convince myself, CrankyB and a friend of ours to buy an FC house. This is one of the big reasons I’ve stuck with FF14 is to keep the house. I really love that aspect of the game. Even with a smaller item cap than ESO the houses do feel pretty comfy and there’s a lot to do with them. That is since I use the garden and everything.

Talta couldn’t really get into FF14 though and her overseas ping was pretty terrible. We’re playing on a Euro data cluster. Granted it would be easier for me to just make a new character to play with her on a US data cluster and not have to pay TWO SUBS, but meh. Yeah I don’t think paying one sub will let me play on the EU side of WoW. So.. I can either choose to play with Talta or play with people who share the same time zone. Such fun!

Guild Wars 2

This game is one of my guilty pleasures. I rarely stick around in it for very long. When I do I usually end up burning out on getting one or other of the mounts or some other collection done and then I don’t want to log in for another month. I love the combat in the game, but I can’t really say that the story speaks to me. But I’m probably waaaay too old to get most of it.

I love the look of the game and love the combat. But I really feel like small guilds were sold short when they released guild halls in the manner that they did. They also never really released a toned down version (and no the bs hall in Lion’s Arch doesn’t count if you can’t add furniture) or at least real personal housing.

And no I don’t mean the instance where you can pretend you have a house, but a place where you can actually build something for yourself. I’m pretty sure ESO’s housing system is what kept my attention the longest, AND how I could use that for social gatherings.

While I love GW2 to death, I can’t really say that it has much going for it when it comes to inspiring me to want to hang out with people. I mean let’s face it, you just walk into a pug in the open world. You join a queue for Fractals or Dungeons. Oh, I’m also not touching raids. I probably should since I can get all dem fat lewts, but I’m sitting in a room with a bunch of people I don’t know doing the same thing over and over agian is not my thing.

I think that’s why I loved Legion in WoW. I had something to do in the game that didn’t involve having to do raids. The open world daily content. It wasn’t quests and it was just fun. As a Demon Hunter tank I just started things and let the other people show up when they felt it was safe. I really, really liked that. I hope that Shadowlands has something similar.

The problem with GW2 is that once you’ve done a meta a time or two, even doing things from different lanes, it does get old. I do love the fact that it is open world and I don’t have to deal with the social anxiety involved in bothering to dungeon/raid though so it’s still a big win. After a break here and there.

Talta did play GW2 with us and she still hops in with us once in a while. Granted it isn’t really her thing so it’s not like WoW where she’ll play on her own and go running off to do whatever. You know, like that time she started an entire wave in Ahn’Qiraj… We’re still laughing about “I think I started something” as being a Talta-ism.

So.. What to Play?

When it really comes down to it, what I’m missing from online gameplay is a community. That’s a bit of a tall order for me since I don’t do the people thing well at all.

At the moment I pretty much only play MMO’s with family as well, they don’t mind putting up with my nonsense. While I’ve debated on recruiting for my guild or even joining another one, my sporradic play time at the moment makes it pretty tough for me to settle into a gameplay routine, and without having much in the way of a character ready for end game content (outside of ESO I’d imagine, all that yellow’s gotta be good for something) I don’t really have much to offer any guild.

So what to play? I guess, anything and everything until I finally find a new MMO home.


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