So Much Warframe

Despite folks getting me tempted to get back into World of Warcraft. I’ve actually been enjoying myself in Warframe. Not something I thought I’d say after I gave it up over the summer, but I feel like I’m actually progressing a bit in the game which is pretty nice.

I have both Inaros and Titania in the cooker. Zepher prime is almost done and I’m working on Nekros prime, but I need to farm some materials for him which is ironic since that’s why I’m getting him. Heavy facepalming was to be had. 

I also played some Trinity this morning and for some reason I just have a hard time giving her up even though I’m going to need several more mods to make her viable.

I literally feel like Trinity rick rolls me EVERY time I play her to level a new sentinal. Yep I use Trinity to level sentinals and pets because she can keep them alive through the entire mission. It’s worth it. 

I also decided to try out the Redeemer. I’m in LOVE. Swish swish BAM!

I think it’s right up there with the Battacor as one of my new favorite weapons. I intend on trying out the Sarpa as well but I need to farm some cryotic and I just haven’t gotten around to it.

What’s keeping me from taking Trinity further into the star chart is her fragility at higher levels. Without hitting the damage mitigation cap she can be tricky to keep going at higher levels. That and having a solid melee weapon that not only is effective but fun for me to play has kept me from enjoying her as well. 

Trinity is really designed to be an in yo face frame. So the damage mitigation that she has from Link and Blessing make her really fun to play when all you want to do is walk into a room and say “COME ON…. HIT ME!”

To me she’s more fun than Valk, probably because as long as I have just enough energy to keep Energy Vampire running I can just keep slowly plodding through things. She’s a lot like Rino in that respect. Not the flashiest frame out there, but very reliable once you drop the whole “gimme energy” for friends thing and start playing the frame as a merciless melee death bringer.

Though once again that is another thing about Warframe, it really depends on your playstyle. What one person finds fantastic the next absolutely hates.

Though regardless, if you’re just starting out in Warframe…. Get Rhino. You can NEVER go wrong with Rhino. 

Aside from primed mods that I’m just going to have to wait on I’ll also need Power Drift and Blind Rage. I’m going for a Trini-Tank since she’s just so much more fun to play that way. We’re working on getting those slowly over time but it’s run after run until you get what you want. At least there’s always something which IS nice.

While friends of mine are moving toward World of Warcraft or sticking around in ESO, I have a really hard time not wanting to Warframe. For me it’s just so much more fun. I mean I can play a healer that dishes out some damage. For me that’s so much more fun than just hoping I don’t die all the time because game mechanics. 

I’ve always wanted to play something that heals in a game but can still survive. Paladins are a prime example. I don’t need huge damage numbers, but I would like to wade through a bunch of enemies and laugh while I’m taking punches to the face. Dunno just my thing.

I’m going to have to start a mod list. In the meantime it’s time to get some work knocked out so I can get back to what I enjoy most. Playing with my new toys!

Until next time.


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