MMO – Get That Body Movin’ GW2 and Warframe


For me Guild Wars 2 and Warframe are taking MMO Gaming up a notch in some interesting ways. Their PvE is amazing and the way they’re adding movement as an art form to their games is incredible in a lot of ways.

I mean who wasn’t excited to get their first horse back in the old days of MMO’s. I mean you usually had to grind forever to get enough gold to buy it and then just sat on it in town taking screens shots so incredibly happy that you finally have something that’s faster than running. 

Ah those were the days right?

Well those days my friends were dead as soon as Fallen Earth offered a horse to new players within the first hour of gameplay. Not to mention as soon as Runes of Magic offered the ten dollar horse. 

But sure, having a faster way to get around is nice and all, but what if it just adds so much to the game play that it’s just fun all by it’s self?

Well I’ll give credit to Wildstar for kicking off the concept. They had hoverboards! The hoverboards and the housing were probably the two things about the game that kept me logged in for an extra month after the game launched. I even built a skate park in my house just to play on the hoverboard. No foolin’. It was pretty fun, it added a neat extra way to get around and it was something else to do. 

Guild Wars 2 decided to take mounts into a whole new direction with Path of Fire in that the mounts are actually a part of the game play. They can be openers for combat, you need them to get to specific places and to get specific items and their animations are just amazing.

While Riders of Icarus made an interesting go at making riding in game more involved by adding your mount as a combat pet, I’ll be perfectly honest with you, it was not a game that captured my interest and I’m not exactly sorry about that.

Even in Final Fantasy XIV your Chocobo is a friendly helper and not just a funny mount. Also not something I’ve played with much myself, that’s a game I tried and was pretty quickly turned off by.

Now with the launch of Fortuna Warframe is reviving that sweet sweet hoverboard action. If you’ve gotten as far as Venus in the over all story chain you’ve probably unlocked it. It’s worth giving it a go. I really liked the story and the hoverboard animations and controls are SUPER fun. 

While granted it’s not as complex as the over all mount structure in GW2, the hoverboards in Warframe do have their own mini games associated with them. You can participate in races and just try to hit up random stuff around the map. Doing these things helps you “grind” rep with the kiddos in Fortuna that sell… get this… even better boards!

I want one… I want one so much!

Safe to say this kind of thing actually adds some fun to games. Funny thing is that if you add something fun to games people actually enjoy them. Hard to believe I know.

Warframe needs to have little fun extras like the fishing, mining and now hoverboarding to kind of distract a bit from the grind. Yes it can be a grindy game, but it’s pretty rewarding if you’re the kind of person who just loves getting dropped off on a random planet somewhere and thinning out the population. 

I can’t explain why I like that, but I really do.

I’m betting that in the future we’re going to be seeing a lot more games work on trying to implement this kind of game play. If we don’t I’m thinking that those games are going to start losing players to the games that do. Not overnight of course, but it doesn’t take long these days for word to get around that there’s just more cool stuff in this other game.

Once again the devs at GW2 and Warframe are pushing the MMO genre forward in some interesting ways. Even their revenue models are something that the other companies could take a long look at. Just saying. 

Anyway, until next time remember your F budget and have fun out there. Also… get the hoverboard… it’s AMAZING….


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