GW2 Drood and Beetle Zooming

Choya Party

So just a quickie for today since I’m actually running around helping Vinny unlock the Renegade on his Revenant.

In typical me fashion I’ve been trying the other classes I have to feel like I’m playing something a bit more exciting than one manning most content and face tanking even a lot of legendaries.

For a smart person I can be a real dumb ass sometimes.

On the plus side I DID finish my Deadeye and give that a spin. It’s fun if you like whopping damage numbers and having a more stand back tactical view of the fight. I can appreciate that.

But after digging into the more visceral combat style of Axe to the face, healing everyone around me and my floating root buddy I really can’t say that I prefer it over sidelines pew pew. 

I mean I even have confidence just strolling into content in Heart of Thorns and just tanking and spanking everything. 


Also if you haven’t got you motor runnin’ I’d say give it a go. The Living Story Season 4 is actually a LOT better than I thought it’d be. We still have one last bit to go then we’ve got that actually completed. Which is rare for us we don’t always knock out full stories but we have been since Living Story Season 3 so whatever those guys are doing I hope they keep it up.

Though yeah I know there’s some stuff there. Hopefully it won’t effect the outcome of the stories in the future. Hopefully but who knows. 

Until next time, remember your F budgets, keep your motors running and have fun out there!


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