Looking at Three Games and Loving It

Dat Khora

Yep! 3! Warframe is looking to round out my set of games at the moment coming in at a whopping three which is a big deal for me since I usually only stick to one MMO at a time, play the hell out of it, get so mind numbingly bored with it that I want to scream, and then putter off to a new shiny. 

You know pretty much like everyone does. 


In Warframe my Trinity Prime from that lovely Twitch promo is probably about ready for the upcoming content Fortuna. It has hoverboards… I want a hoverboard. I can’t explain my irrational love of hoverboards… but trust me, it’s a thing. 

I may have to get Ozzy my infected hound out of stasis if I’m going to be doing anything long term and get serious about a real build… but that’s for another time. As it is I still need a lot of masteries in Warframe on top of well… everything. 

But I do have Clem on my shoulder and that’s really all I need. I’m very happy with my clemblem. It was designed by TheAlp and was given to the guild. That face was worth every plat.

Guild Wars 2

In GW2 we’re about ready to round out getting that happy new Beetle mount. We’d have it if I didn’t have to spend roughly 12 hours sleeping yesterday because of a cold that refuses to GTFO. I will beat this cold! Just watch me!

My Druid set up has even tempted Vinny to give it a shot. So we’re both running around on Druids at the moment and it’s actually a lot of fun. Way more fun than he expected it to be for sure. 

Vinny wants me to make a new video for the beetle mount so that might be something I’ll post once that’s slapped together.

Elder Scrolls Online

Finally in ESO I’m slowly gathering a dragon’s hoard of gold that I intend on spending frivolously on yet another house. I don’t know why, it’s some random IKEA nesting instinct I suppose. 

Since I have pretty much no desire to do much in ESO since my main is a magica Warden that’s geared mostly for healing. Great for dungeons, teh suxors for most other content.

I keep meaning to revert her back to a more tank based set up to slog through content. My Warden can be pretty bad ass when I gear her up for it. The only problem is that gearing up a 160 + CP char isn’t so much a hassle as it’s just a bunch of materials that I’d rather do anything with OTHER than invest it in another set of gear. It’s one of those ‘just another thing’ things on the list of things I’d rather not have to do. 

PS; If you have ESO you might want to keep it patched this month since they’re giving away access to Murkmire for free. All you have to do is log in. You don’t even have to do so for the entire month. I’m waiting until Talta gets it so we can go do the content together. 

I’d like to say that I want to do more in ESO but I really feel like my drive to play the game is coming to a grinding halt. I really loved Summerset and Morrowind. Clockwork city was ok and I’m pretty sure Murkmire is a great DLC but I’m probably not going to hold a lot of interest in the game for the moment until the next expansion comes out.

I also RP in ESO on the side which has kept me there for quite a bit. Problem is even that is getting patchy as people migrate to other games.

The nice thing about RP is that you can come up with your own content or enjoy other people’s content in between patches.  It can be fun, funny and even frustrating but you know, that’s dealing with people. For me it’s better than doing the same raid on farm until the next one comes out any day of the week. I’m not one for repetition.

But when you have people spread out between games it can make it harder to come up with that content when you can’t keep them interested or active in one game over another. ESO does offer some really great tools for RP in housing, costumes and the outfit system. Not to mention a wealth of e-motes and dances. That keeps a lot of people there and it has a pretty active RP community.

But it does tend to ebb and flow with the game market as people float about to various games. Which isn’t such a bad thing as it keeps things fun and exciting. It’s not as much fun being stuck in the same place all the time. 

Well until next time, remember your F Budget and here’s some dancing choya. 

They can dance if they want to.


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