Back in Black Hitting Living Story 4 in GW2

Dat Drood
Dat Drood

So Vinny and I are hitting up the GW2 Season 4 Living Story. Yes I’m late, I’ve been kind of busy grinding achievements in ESO and building amazing houses just to have you know. Worst part is that I feel better about life when I’m slacking than when I’m walking around with a shiny title, but I digress.

I mean, not that I haven’t accomplished a thing or two in GW2, Vinny and I did complete the story line for Living Story 3 and Path of Fire. Which is an accomplishment for me since I pretty much putter off to do other stuff before completing most of the GW2 stories.

I did want to find out what happened in the 3rd Living Story. In Path of Fire I MOSTLY wanted my Griffon mount, but I did want to see what happened in the story.

I just can’t wait to see more Aurene since she really brings out those odd maternal instincts that I managed to end up with somehow. You known when I’m not cackling maniacally while backstabbing Altmer with the blade of woe.

I may or may not have been caught doing that. My explanation was that “I’m not hyper, I’m just mildly psychotic.” Only mildly.

Now back to funzies…. I’m really glad I switched it up from Engie to Druid to do the stories since the new content does include some really fun condi situations. The condition cleanse and over heal I’m able to pump out on the Drood has really made a big difference in plowing through things.

Vinny however is debating on swapping out Reaper for Scourge for some boon conversion action. I’d like to see how that works out.

Since we’ve already picked up a lot of the hero points for these new toons in the Path of Fire expansion it’s going to mean heading to Heart of Thorns to snag what we can there to get the second specialization. With a bunch of masteries Heart of Thorns isn’t remotely as bad as it once was and the mounts help a bunch.

As for ESO I’m pretty much logging in to do my crafting dailies and logging out again. No sense in wasting time on not getting dem monies. Though I still need to work on getting a few more toons up to max crafting so that I can actually make some real coin on that instead of barely enough to cover my costume changes. Speaking of which I changed up my warden’s outfit… again.

Shiny Warden
Shiny Warden

I have the Fang Lair stuff and quit using it because it was ‘too racy’ for some folk. Honestly I love the rag tag look of it so I’m going to rock it and not feel bad about that. Besides, being shiny is grand. Now I just need to save up some materials and get her build re-worked to suit my needs as opposed to working off a meta only designed for content that I don’t do anymore.

Well till next time remember your F-Budgets and have fun out there.


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