SWTOR – Almost Ready for Iokath

King of the pen
King of the pen

With Iokath looming in the coming days the Operative I’d been working on is about ready to jump into the new story. The Operative is still a crit machine and is quite fun to play in PvE.

Star Wars the Old Republic has definitely become my new Fallen Earth since I spend a good amount of my time salvaging and completing this and that.

I’m so happy to have the trooper done which is the last of the stories I had to complete. I also leveled everything past 55 to get both the Republic and Imperial diehard titles. I had about 5 levels to go on my bounty hunter so figured I’d knock those out.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next story is going to be like. The stories are definitely keeping me entertained.

Now I just have to decide which of my followers I want to invest in, build up my supply bases and grind Star Fortresses.

I’m still working on the guild Strong Hold and my own Strong Holds. I’m debating dumping my Coruscant Apartment that I’m not really using and getting a Tatooine bunker to use as my Agent’s ‘safe house.’ That and for some reason it’s easier to spell Tatooine.

Well until next time I’ll be sneaking about having a blast.



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