SWTOR: Next stop Ziost for the Operative

2017-03-30_9-23-50 I wrapped up the Shadow of Revan story line with a quickness and now I’m poised to jump into the Ziost story arc.

I enjoyed my play through on this one since I actually decided to flirt this time. It did actually add some gaps to the story that I missed the last play through.

I skipped it on the Sorc the last play through so I’m looking forward to seeing it. I really look forward to seeing it on the Operative since I can clear out targets faster and I can stealth past anything I don’t want to bother with.

It’ll be interesting to see what Theron has to say to the Imperial Ghost the next time he sees her.

As for Geistig the ghost, she’s progressing along gear wise as well as through the story. I have a few slots left to augment and an offhand to construct. Then I can focus on the strongholds before their lack of completion drives me nuts.

At least in the meantime I’m grinding rep with a few places to get some decoration items I want. I’ve maxed out Voss reputation so I can start getting items from there once I can be bothered to build the furniture kits. I have to see what I need and start stocking up on supplies.

Next up is doing cz-198 dailies to unlock decoration items with their rep vendor. Though hopefully I’ll start to get items soloing the star fortresses as well. Doing them together with CrankyB left us dropless. Though I prefer doing them with him I also want to get the stronghold items.

Now to see what Ziost holds. Until next time, time to get some grind on.

Lords of Mayem Arvish the assassin and Geistig the operative.
Lords of Mayem Arvish the assassin and Geistig the operative.


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