SWTOR Still Awesome

Flashpoints with Fams
Flashpoints with Fams

Star Wars the Old Republic still takes up what time I have that isn’t dedicated to work and family. Since I play it with the hubby (CrankyB) and Talta my mom I can do the two birds one stone gig.

As for progress I have 3 level 70’s and I’ve almost finished all of the class stories in the game. Yes that means I’m on my third main at the moment and I’ve wasted time not picking one class, sticking to it and grinding up the end game command levels as high as possible.

Then again since I’m playing the game for the story, I’m not to worried about any of that (insert trollface).

Speaking of stories, I’ve loved them. I only have the trooper class story left to complete and I’m looking forward to being flirty with Jorgen. Seeing all of the class stories in the game is one of my main goals. I’ve actually wanted to do that since I first logged in several years ago and I’m finally getting around to it. I may have abused the extra xp a bit to finish those up but it was worth it.

As for the class stories themselves the Smuggler, Bounty Hunter and Sith Sorcer have been my personal favorites. I love the voice acting, the dialog and the pace of the stories. To me they just seem like the average Joe turned hero stories that I always love. As for the more epic stories, the Imperial Agent and the Jedi Knight seem to tell more of the in game story, and are by far the longest. I loved the Jedi Knight story enough that I did it twice so that I could record it. I LOVE SCOURGE… the end.

Though out of all of them the Agent is probably the most complex since you can take several turns throughout the story and probably play it two or three times and see a completely different story. I went with the more rogue agent approach and I think I might have broke the game doing it, or at least really confused the Empire, but it was a grand time none the less.

Funny enough though the Agent ended up becoming what I’m now playing as a main. After playing quite a bit of the Smuggler to see the story I fell in love with the class and wanted to see if I could replicate the play style on the Empire side. CrankyB prefers the Imperial Side and that is where his guild is. So after finishing the smuggler story I went back to the Agent and I’m having a blast. Pretty much literally since I go through mobs like butter.

The class lets me throw off heals during flashpoints. I do a sick amount of DPS and I can complete heroics quickly and easily which is a nice way to level up and make some credits. At least it is for me because I enjoy playing the game solo.

Aside from kicking some serious ass my Operative also has a look I’m pretty happy with her look as well. Meet the current incarnation of Geistig. She’s currently between jobs since I’m about to dive into the Revan story and I want to complete the rest of the older content before taking her through the newer stories.

Geistig the Independent

I am pretty excited about running her through all of the content. I love how everyone reacts to her. They almost fear her like a Sith but they don’t want it to show because she’s supposedly just a spy….

PS it is really fun seeing Theron Shan flustered when you flirt as the agent. If you haven’t tried it already, give it a go, it’s a blast.

As for ratings SWTOR is my preferred game bracket at the moment. That game bracket is the one for people who like playing solo and who don’t have a ton of MMO time or patience. The nice thing about SWTOR is that you can spend a few hours in the game and feel like you’ve accomplished something.

That’s not something you see in a lot of MMO’s at the moment and it’s quite far from the launch days where everything took forever and a day. Now that there’s more content, they’ve sped things up and if you sub up it’s even better. That part I do like.

At the moment it’s also pretty friendly if you just want to play for yourself. You can pretty much treat SWTOR like a multi player if you like and only play with folks here and there when you want to. Well aside from a few heroics that can get hairy during the busy times but if you find a buddy and group up just for those or do the less popular heroics, you can still roam alone if you like.

Playing the game for the story instead of the gear means that you can enjoy the game for the content and ignore the grind unless you REALLY feel like you need an eye bleeding challenge. Personally I prefer to forgo the MMO stigmata and just dink around with the fun stuff.

In SWTOR The stories are great and there is a lot of content when you look at all 8 classes, and the expansion chapters. Story mode for dungeons is also a boon. You can use this setting to see the story in dungeons with the help of a droid and your companion. Though it’d probably help to have at least one other player along to help out. At the moment this is one of the only couples friendly MMO’s I’ve seen in that you can just play with one or two other friends and still do quite a bit in the game.

With companions, people like myself and CrankyB can settle into doing flashpoints with just the two of us and not have to worry about whether or not anyone is online. We can also still chat with our peeps using Discord even if they want to join up with an Ops group on the Republic side. So in the end we’re still being social, but this way everyone gets to do what they actually WANT to do instead of being limited to doing just what the game has available.

SWTOR is finally to the point where it has enough content that it can offer that experience. Having different types of content is something that pretty much every fresh MMO has a problem with. Launching with just raids and PvP as an end game will keep raiders and PvP’rs if they like your content, but there’s a whole market for people that want to enjoy stories ans social content that pretty much drop games as soon as the story is over. That is rather apparent at the moment as the servers are quiet while folks wait for the new content to drop.

As far as I’m concerned I’m just getting started with SWTOR. I want to get my new main through the story, finish the trooper story and don’t get me started on the guild hall. I’ll have a lot of rep to grind to pick up some of the items I want to use for it as well as saving up cartel coins for the rest.

The Sky Palace
The Sky Palace

At the moment our guild hall isn’t all that fancy since it’s full of random crap but I’m enjoying adding bits here and there. It’s not like it’s a busy place so it’s not a biggie. It is convenient though since we have all of the necessities like market and guild bank all in one place. If nothing else it was well worth getting a guild hall just to have everything all tucked in together.

Talta has also requested Dejaric tables so she can “let the wookie win.” I’m kind of glad they made sure those were in the game.

If you haven’t logged in already, there’s still a few more days to work on tiers. I managed to get some of that in on the Operative despite changing over to her really late. As mentioned previously though, that’s fine with me since I’ve actually managed to find that sweet spot where I have a class/race combo that works for me.

With that being said I’ll be stealthing now to run around making people very uncomfortable with my operative. People just don’t seem to appreciate it when someone cloaked comes up behind them and starts healing the behoozits out of them. It’s true I have finally found the perfect class.





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