BDO: Trying Farming

2016-11-27_654716402 I have to say that I don’t think I can swing the Calpheon Crate business. It’s a bit too much chopping for my taste. I usually ended up with piles of wood and undelivered crates. Pretty typical for me I know right?

I’ decided to change direction instead of continuing to do something that was about as rewarding as beating my face on a brick wall. It probably works for some folks but it’s not my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea since I’m on tea duty for my guild grind group I decided to reallocate my AP to Farming instead of timber crates. With farming I can grow the fruit and flowers I need for Milk Tea. I can also grow the Mane Grass I need for Experience Elixers.

When I’m not working on growing those three items I can work on the Special Sunflower Crates that are of course one of the staple money making methods in this version of BDO. It’s up there with fishing which can also make a ton.

Nice thing about farming is that since you can have workers tend your fields now you can do other things while your plants grow, like grind, fish, cook anything. You don’t have to camp your farm and pick off all the bugs yourself anymore.

That is one of the things I love about BDO, being lazy I love the fact that I hire a work force to do crap for me.

Thing is though if you tend your garden yourself you have a chance at getting hard and sharp shards. Now that they have ‘fixed’ the desert, they decided to balance that by increasing the drop rate of the shards. That can help you make a nice bit of silver on the side.

Also if you use workers on a farm you’ll need workers with a lot of stamina or they’ll be running back to town and NOT tending your field before you know it. That can get pretty annoying. One of our guildies decided that using goblins for tending farms was not the way to go.

I did make a fair amount mixing Imperial Delivery and Calpheon Timber Crate trading. Now to see if the sunflower crates live up to the hype. Till next time, keep on keeping on.



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