BDO: Life Skill Grind

2016-11-25_468675716That’s me in the corner, chop, chop, choppin’ away. Yep I’m wasting materials leveling Life Skills on my Sorc. Good news is I wasn’t too far along on my other chars and well, I just feel downright comfortable running around on Blackheart here.

My Life Skill took a huge hit in productivity this week as I’d been working on leveling the Sorc up to the awakening. I wanted to play something else and this week I’ve had a little time to unwind and grind thanks to the holiday.

Now it’s time to work in the Life Skills grind. I do pretty much everything but hunting at this point. Though I should start getting that unlocked too since we go fishing and wale hunting on the weekends for the lols.

Whale hunting in BDO is a great guild activity. It’s also a bit more relaxing as compared to grinding and guild missions.

With that in mind I’ve been leveling up alchemy by making the components I need to make Experience Elixirs. I have Clear Liquid Reagents and Clown’s Blood stockpiled. I will probably have to go out for more wolf’s blood at some point next week though just to get a good supply of that.

I was joking about it with one of my guild members who is doing Imperial Alchemy and she’s looking at gathering around 4k Raccoon blood for fun and for profit. Mostly profit.

At the same time I’m farming the Dry Mane grass I’ll need for the final push. I was hoping to get my alchemy a bit further along so I get a better chance at getting the higher quality version over the green, but at this point I’ll take what I can get. Also crafting it instead of buying it from the market is probably going to save me some coin over time.

I’ve also re-established my link to Olvia for Grapes. I’ll need that to start working on Milk Tea. Fortunately I’m getting a good amount of milk from the cooking turn ins, but I’ll probably have to send out an alt to milk those cows as well one of these days.

With all of these projects in motion I’m really thinking that I need to push for more energy. At this point I’m sitting at 245 energy, which is a comfortable amount now that you don’t need it for cooking, alchemy and processing. But I do need it for trading, farming and gathering. I’m fine with that actually because it does mean that there is some demand for gathered components.

Thing is I also do gathering missions for the guild. That means I have to make sure I’ve got enough energy for my own projects as well as leveling the guild. As the guild leader it would seem to be in poor taste to bow out of gathering missions due to lack of energy. Though a bit more energy should help me balance both. Otherwise we may have to start looking into doing more subjugation or trading missions over doing gathering missions.

Speaking of trading, I do plan on getting Trading leveled up on this char as well. I really enjoy trading in this game and I can make a good amount of silver while doing it.

That had been my main source of income when I played classes that I didn’t want to farm with, but now that I have the Sorc I may very well start to get more grinding in. Thing is I’m just not sure where I’ll farm. Honestly at this point I’d prefer experience over silver believe it or not. Reason being that the Sorc has some awesome awakening unlocks at 58. The fun part is getting those two levels.

By fun I mean that it can be soul crushingly excruciating if you’re sitting there staring at the levels. Another one of our guild mates is doing that at the moment and I can’t say I’d trade places.

Hopefully my tea and elixer production will help all of us pour on the xp. Though I also need to find time to quest, get more energy…. Yeah this many months in and there’s STILL a lot to do in BDO.

Until next time, keep on keeping on!


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