BDO: Changes to Exchange Items

2016-11-17_264716490BDO has been working on several quality of life changes in the game for some time now. One of my guildies noticed this morning that there’s been changes made to grind spot exchange items.

It looks like this one kind of came in under the radar with changes to the exchange loot system. Not all exchange items have been revised, but a few of them have.

Now you can get gold ingots instead of straight silver or on some, a choice of item boxes depending on where you turn them in.

Getting gold ingots instead of strait silver is actually pretty handy. You can leave gold bars on your horse and keep farming. You can’t exactly do that with silver, you have to keep that on your character.

They did decrease the carry weight of silver recently, but once you get up to 2 million silver or so, you’d need a LOT of carry weight to haul it around.

Also these exchange items can weigh you down pretty fast too. But since you can put these on your horse or in a bank, you can always drop them off then turn them in later.

The item boxes can contain off hand items or jewelry, at least in the ones we’ve noticed so far. That is a boon to folks who can use them to either sell or repair max durability. If you’ve done some upgrading in BDO you’ll know that when you fail and upgrade enchant you lose durability on the item your upgrading or you can lose the item entirely. Having a method of getting an item you can use to repair the durability without having to buy it from the auction house or play the amity game is pretty awesome.

What this is going to mean for grinders in the long run will be hard to say at the moment, but hopefully it’ll spread people out a bit into the other grind spots and give people a chance to gear up without having to camp one or two grind spots for silver.

Until next time, keep haulin’.


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