BDO: 50 PvP Cap a Boon to Life Skillers


This was my original life skill toon Tamagachi. I had to stop playing her for anything but horse leveling to keep her under the PvP cap.

Previously, whether you wanted to PvP or not, you were forced into it in BDO because the NA/EU version lowered the PvP cap to 45. Now with people hitting level 60, having such a low PvP cap isn’t what it used to be when people were pushing hard for 55.

So now that the PvP cap has been raised people can effectively sit at level 49.999 and never pass the PvP cap UNLESS they do the Belmorn quest that allows them to continue leveling.

Now you’re going to ask, what the hell does all of this mean? Well really it means that people who just want to life skill and NOT participate in PvP can do so on one of these level capped characters.

While the downside is that they will be under leveled for some areas, for life skills that for the most part focus on areas like Calpheon through Altinova, the level 50 cap is fairly reasonable. If they need nodes unlocked these folks can also hire some higher level players to help them.

I’m sure you’re thinking, why on earth would anyone WANT to nerf their toon by not going past level 50. Well the simple fact of the matter is that once you hit the PvP cap you’re fair game to anyone whether you have the best gear in the game or you’re just running around in your horse trainer’s clothing trying to eek out as much horse xp as you can on that tier 7. If you’re AFK you’re an even bigger target because well, if you’re not there to defend yourself then you’re an easy kill.

It was crap like that which was really shooting Kakao in the foot and they didn’t even realize it. A whole section of the game that would be great for people who do not want to or who do not enjoy pvp that they can’t even participate in for fear of getting owned by some jerk wad who wants to blow off steam after not leveling his sword.

The thing is that life skills ARE a big deal and they’re important to how the game works. From buff foods to xp potions all of it comes from life skills. If everyone in the game spent all of their time fighting over grind spots, there wouldn’t be anyone to make the buff food or tier up horses.

Now folks that just want to do that in peace WITHOUT having to worry about PvP can do that.

To me this is a boon to the Life Skill community.

You can have a toon that you go out adventuring with that is as high level as need be. And yeah that toon should be PvP enabled in an open world PvP game. But in a game with rich life skills like this one, something like this basically makes the day to day grind of BDO that keeps things going, a lot less stressful.

Read more about this and some of the other recent changes in today’s patch notes here. Also check out the new Thanksgiving event here.

Now I just have to decide if I’m going to continue doing life skills on a PvP active character, or work on life skills on my Tamer that is below the PvP cap. Though I’ll probably stick with Strat because… she’s hot, let’s face it. Beyond that I have a costume to make.

So until next time, keep haulin’.


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