BDO: Witch Please

Zee happy witch
Zee happy witch

As for the title, my guild has started using a new phrase: “Witch please.” I’m totally stealing that!

As for BDO in general, yep I’m still playing it. This controversial hidden gem is actually quite a bit of fun (and a lot more fun once you join a guild and ignore channel chat).

The hacking seems to have decreased quite a bit in the last few months. A lot more content has been added with the Valencia patches and two new classes are roaming the desert with the addition of the Ninja and the Kunoichi.

I’m still very much enjoying the game, splitting my time between cooking, fishing, horse breeding and leveling my latest creation, a Witch.

After playing the Ranger and the Kuno in BDO I can tell you that I was starting to feel a mighty need for some AoE. I decided to try a Witch.

I had tried leveling one in the past and it was a disaster. I couldn’t keep enough mana and I was having trouble with mobs. Also some of my favorite AoE spells had daunting cooldowns.

After the devs have made some changes and the Kuno just wasn’t grabbing my attention anymore I decided to give the Witch another go. I’m glad I did because I’m really enjoying it. The changes they made give you more armor while casting Meteor and the Lighting 100% spender. This means that you don’t end up at half or less health while you’re trying to mow down a bunch of mobs. That armor really makes it worth the wait for those cooldowns.

Also, if you can get 200% black spirit energy the big boom from the 200% spender on Meteor is manically giggle worthy.

The Kuno is fun just like the ranger but they just aren’t my shiny. At least to me the AoE’s are not as gratifying as the ones on the witch.

While all three classes suffer from animation lock and the Wich is the worst with stand casting (I usually prefer a lot more mobility) the power of the spells seem to pay off. I pumped up the one spell on the Witch I can cast while running, it’s made a lot of difference in just being able to kite.

I don’t have the quickest reaction time in the world and like to play a little more strategically to compensate. Not that I didn’t try by just being all over the place on the Kuno, but spending more time evading damage than doing it, just doesn’t get the job done.

The Ranger gave me a little of that strategy, but the lack of wide area AoE outside of the grenades on evasive shot and the constant evasion to refill the energy bar left me feeling that the class wasn’t my shiny either, hence why I gave Kuno a shot in the first place.

I loved the stealth on the Kuno, but as it’s a short lived skill and there isn’t a passive boost to run speed, it also just didn’t give me that warm fuzzy feeling.

The downside with the witch is that outside of one spell to boost her speed, she’s not fast. While with the super armor she is a tad less squishy at times than the Kuno, she’s not a face tanking class.

Though if you just really want to go into a group of mobs and kill absolutely everything, this is a really fun class to play.

Currently the Witch is feeding my need to bring group utility as well as wanton AoE destruction. Being a knee jerk healer after years of MMO play it’s hard for me to not have a class that I can heal with. I can tell you that made me come up with some interesting builds in Guild Wars 2 as well.

The Witch is probably a tad over powered at the moment since it’s being set against classes that have awakenings on the Korean server. At least that’s the word on the street (or forums). I’m pretty sure it’ll be a lot different once the awakenings launch, but for now I’m going to enjoy the witch. After awakenings are launched, I’ll have 3 classes I can choose from and hopefully a chance to save up some silver.

For the gear heads I can tell you that I’m running a cheap build for my Witch at the moment. She has a full Grunil Set, Steel Dagger offhand, and a Yuria staff. It’s not ideal, but until I can save up for a pumped up Liverto it’ll work. That and I don’t really want to heavily invest in this character until I have some more mileage on it and have a few more skills unlocked. So that if it just starts to annoy me, I can quickly swap back to another.

The tough part will be deciding which character I’m going to main for RP, though I’ll probably swap between the Ranger and the Witch. My Ranger is just too pretty to let her sit idly by too much. I also like the idea of having a happy RP character as well. Not that my Ranger was a slouch in that department, but she could have her moody moments. The Witch however I’m thinking I can just have fun with.

And yes for me role play in MMO’s is a fun distraction and keeps me motivated to log in, so I do it. Though my idea or RP usually involves a little more action and sometimes a lot of rum, but it’s all down to personal taste.

Well until next time I’ll be fishing and drinking (in game of course), have fun!


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