LIF:YO – Humble Beginnings

screenshot_009-00007 Fun news everyone! The end of the world happened. Well the end of the world known as The Kingdom of Feyrith. They were having trouble with their hosting provider and decided to switch hosting. The downside is that they couldn’t migrate the data due to issues with the hosting provider’s policies so now we have a brand spanking new world to tame.

This means that we’ve moved server to The Kingdom of Aki. The people are still awesome and this hosting provider seems to have better equipment as well. All of which are a bonus.

Now we just have to rebuild our medieval abbey in it’s new location. Which is actually a pretty cool thing since this time we’ll be building it from the ground up.

So far we just have the ground cleared and some of the smithing essentials buildings. Our Danish friends have been an enormous help and it has been a blast playing with them too.

Now there’s a bit more work to do and we’ll need to start getting the buildings erected including housing, the church and the farming buildings. Such fun right?

Well until next time I’ll probably be out setting up traps in the hopes of making new chickeny friends.


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