Life is Feudal: Your Own


So, what does one do when MMO’s just don’t cut it anymore? Well CrankyB suggested that we try out Life is Feudal: Your Own.

This is a hardcore sandbox with full loot, skill loss death penalties and a bit of a learning curve. There are also no in game npc’s to give you missions or buy your crap.

Now these elements alone can make the game seem to be a bit daunting to get into for most. For me however these elements make the game pretty fun. I can build my own settlement. I can trade with other players. I can ride around on a horse. I can hunt. I can fish.

Depending on your server it can be a lot more dangerous than others. Also while learning to play this game it might not be a bad idea to try a private server just to get the hang of the game. Some of the public servers can be pretty rough.

We found a great server. It is an RP server. It has events, public places to visit, and GMs that give a crap about the players and the server.

At the moment CrankyB and myself are working on building a Smithy out in the wilderness. We have a grand location near enough to the coast for fishing but still surrounded by enough trees to make the things we need. While we do have neighbors who may or may not have made CrankyB cringe by “ordering an exterminatus” as he calls it on the neighboring forest.

Fortunately we’re building up enough influence to help protect some of the forest and it actually feels good knowing that we’re doing something for the in game environment.

Though we’re also going out and mining like crazy for my metal working, but at least the mine is up in the mountains and shouldn’t ™ affect the trees too much. Well except for the trees we have to cut down to shore up the mine, but that’s another thing entirely.

Right now I’m enjoying this game like crazy. I’ll probably post updates on our little settlement and just generally the goings on of our server for kicks and giggles.

Until next time!


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