GuildWars2: 80 Guardian

Desderata Geist level 80 Guardian
Desderata Geist level 80 Guardian

My Guardian Desderata Geist hit 80 this morning while working away at the crafting bench. I was working on getting her Weaponsmithing past the 300 mark and just barely made it past.

Once I finished up my crafting though it was time to start gearing up for 80. It’s an important day because for the most part this will be the last set of armor I’ll have to pick up unless I want to min/max for a special build.

I’m going with Exotic grade armor for now and in one morning’s work I picked up a full set of Exotic armor.

I picked up my armor in a round about way. I had (emphasis on had) a bunch of Karma and Honor points in my wallet and decided that for once I’d use that instead of just working on paying for everything with hard earned currency.

All except for the Vigil skins, those guys want gold no matter how far in the story line you are. Guess that’s how they pay for all those helicopters in Orr.

My level 80 Exotic armor is a mix of Karma Gear and World vs World Gear. I just used the Vigil Honor armor and Scarlet’s Veil for looks.

The helm and the legs I purchased with WvW tokens (mostly from achievement chests I’ll be honest) and a little bit of gold I think about 1 Gold 84 Silver. The Karma Armor was the best deal though I spent 168,000 Karma on the Gloves, Boots, Shoulders and Chest.

That meant a foray into the Ring of Fire Borderlands as well as Temple trekking in Orr. I had to go to 3 different temples to assemble the armor set I wanted. Totally worth it. That and all that run around saved me a bundle on buying Exotic grade armor through the Black Lion Trading Co (Auction House).

One caveat however, when you do this the runes that come with the temple armor won’t match up and the WvW armor comes without runes (like crafted armor). That means you have to decide on your own rune set. It’s not a complex process though, just pick whatever’s going to boost your playstyle and build the best.

If I wanted to, I could even do some dungeons to work on getting some special dungeon armor sets. They have the same stats as the crafted, Karma, and WvW armor, so really people get it more for the looks than anything else. I do love the look of the Heavy Twilight Arbor set.

The great thing about Guild Wars 2 is that you have all kinds of options for how you obtain your gear both while leveling and once you’re at the level cap. No matter what your play style is you’re covered when it comes to gear.

What’s awesome about this is that if I want to PvE, I can do that and get gear. If I want to craft, I can grind the materials and make my armor. If I want to run dungeons for a special look, I can do that. If I wanted to spend all of my time in WvW, I wouldn’t even have to leave the Mists to pick up armor upgrades as long as I’m raking in honor points.

Now couple that with the fact that you’re not stuck playing the game in one area or another based on the type of armor you pick up. The stats are pretty much the same across the board.

You can wear your WvW armor to do Living Story content. You can wear your dungeon gear to hold down the Temples in Orr. You can wear your crafted gear in WvW or even Fractals. You’re not restricted in your playstyle by the type of armor you had time to obtain.

That is all except PvP. In GW2 PvP has it’s own armor and it’s own set of rules that only apply in the PvP area. That is just fine by me.

You can go the distance and go for Ascended armor. I know for sure it is crafted and bind on pick up which means crafting the gear for yourself. It costs Laurels and gold for the crafting recipe as well as requiring a lot of high end and time consuming components to create. If you want it, go for it. Honestly I’ve played since they’ve added the Ascended gear and I can do OK in most things with the Exotic. It’s really a small upgrade.

Not saying it isn’t worth it though. Ascended armor really shines in Fractals of the Mists where the extra slot to mitigate that content’s special damage mechanic can mean the difference between getting into the next tier or waiting a week before you can get back into the lower tiers.

You can however use your Laurels (from Daily and Monthly completion) to purchase Ascended trinkets. Some events even offer the chance to obtain or upgrade back items to Exotic or Ascended quality. That can give folks a really nice reason to do Living Story content. It’s not required, but it can look cool and give you extra stats, so it’s not all bad.

Speaking of extra stats that reminds me that I now have to work on getting the rest of the gear for my Guardian. That’s going to mean Accessories, Weapons, Runes and Sigils. Depending on how I want to get them it’ll mean taking more or less time. Which reminds me that I need to see if I have enough Laurels for another Ascended Accessory.

Until next time I’m going to be roaming Tyria working on uncovering the map, helping folks level, and putting the smack down on Risen in Orr. Hopefully you too are enjoying the hell out of your game of choice.


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