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Roaming the Fields of Ruin
Roaming the Fields of Ruin

Not feeling great, but wanted to give a quick updated on my Guardian’s status. Right now Desderata is sitting at just under level 65 and almost able to use the new armor set hanging out in her bags.

I’m really looking forward to logging in though and seeing what’s going on in the world. It looks like the patch that landed today includes more of those vines I saw in the Brisbane Wildlands and Kessex hills. Since they are only in those two zones I really want to know if they are working on making their way towards Lion’s Arch or if they’re going to spread into the surrounding zones.

Now with all of 15 levels before I can wander into the new zone and do more than unlock the first Waypoint I’m really starting to get antsy about learning more.

Thing is though I am going to be helping some guildies level more squishy characters with my Guardian so it might take a bit. On the upside since the story journal has been added, if we don’t get a chance to get to it now, hopefully I’ll be able to see it later.

Until next time I hope everyone is enjoying themselves wherever they find fun and friendship.


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