GuildWars2: The Guardian is Getting Entangled

This looks a little troubling.

As of this moment my Guardian Desderata Geist is sitting at level 59. Mostly because I have to do my IRL dailies before getting in more exploration.

I made my first encounter today with the Entangled living story content in Brisbane Wildlands. There is a new area south of Toxal Bog called Tangle Root. I’ll leave it to you to see just what goes on there. Personally I’d like to know more about it. Especially why the Seraph have a presence there.

All through the Brisbane Wildlads I saw a lot more of the Asura Waypoints wrapped in these kind of intimidating looking vines. As well as some content including bandits and other entangling vines that I don’t remember seeing before on my previous journeys through the zone.

If you make your way to Kessex hills you’ll also see the vines poking and sparking the Asura Waypoints. Aside of course from the Halacon Waypoint that is also all wrapped up in a nasty looking vine.

Now several ideas begin to work their magic in my mind as I contemplate what this will mean for the world as a whole. So far these things are in about two zones, probably more.

Question is will they stay there or will they spread? Is there anything we can do about them? Also, why do they want the Waypoints?

As it stands it looks like Bandits in the Brisbane Wildlands might have something to do with this as well as the Inquest and Nightmare court. Though those are the usual suspects. Time will tell if they are the in alliance or if someone is pulling strings behind the scenes.

Now Desderata has to get those last 21 levels under her belt before she can take the journey deeper into the Maguuma Wastes to find out first hand just what is happening out there. The adventurer in me is itching at the prospect.

While I could just hop on an 80 and saunter into the zone, I don’t really want to. I really want to try out the new content with Desderata. Mostly with her condition removal abilities.

In my first contact with the new flora I can say for sure that it can do some pretty nasty condition damage. Having condition removal on top of a deep hit pool will probably go a long way there.

After spending time in Orr dealing with the Risen I’ve learned a lot about condition damage and just how handy condition removal can be. Not to mention how fast conditions can go from a minor annoyance to a serious problem.

Now I just need to make sure that I unlock the traits I want to use and start saving up for my level 80 gear. That isn’t going to be cheap but I am sure it’ll be worth the effort. I don’t doubt that one bit when I imagine just what is waiting in the Maguuma Wastes.


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