GuildWars2: Guardian Update and Nourishment Basics

Shiny new armors!

Right now I’m cooking, but while I’m cooking I’ll make a quick post to update my Guardian status. Right now she’s about 45, chances are if I use some food buffs I’ll be at 50 by log out time tonight. Maybe a little less but definitely 50 tomorrow.

By the way here’s a quick tidbit of useful info. If you don’t know using food to help boost stats is also a great way to get a small xp boost depending on the food you use.

Seriously, you can almost break wind and level in Guild Wars 2. Personally I find it rather nice.

You can also use some pretty helpful boosts as well like Sharpening Stones (weaponsmithing), Tuning Crystals (artificing) and Maintenance Oils (huntsman). These skills will not only give you stat boots based on your current stats but they ALSO give you an XP boost.

You’ll just want to spend some time hanging out in areas where you can get a lot of the dusts you use to make these, if you want to craft them. Otherwise they go for a reasonable price on the AH since a lot of people craft it just to help level then flog it.


You can use one of those along with any food at any one time to give yourself a stat boost as well as giving yourself an XP buff. So that gives you a nice double boost at any one time.

If you know a cook you can bribe for noms that is always handy. Otherwise food generally goes for pretty reasonable prices on the AH because people level cooking and don’t always use the food. At least at the lower levels.

Bro tip: if you can get your hands on the magic find food that’s even better. You can use that to help boost your magic find by a small percentage. It’s not much but if you can manage to eek out finding one yellow grade item or so a day you can make some handy cash flogging it on the AH.

If you’re crafting that kind of cash can help you out quite a bit in getting some of the little things you need to eek through that next level.

Currently I’m sitting at 169 Weaponsmithing. Mostly I’m leveling Weaponsmithing to be able to make Sharpening Stones for use at level 80. The extra power they’ll give based on the amount of Toughness and Vitality I’ll want to equip my Guardian with will hopefully give my hammer a little more oomph.

Until Next time I’m going to be exploring Tyria and hopefully getting around to completing the storyline quests to get Desderata into the Vigil. I really want the armor skins and weapon skins for a cool level 80 look I’m going for.

Hopefully you’re enjoying your game of choice this fine weekend.


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