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So I think I’m in love with the Guild Wars 2 Guardian class. Desderata Geist, my Sylvari Guardian, is sitting at level 33 and I’m really starting to get a feel for what the class has to offer.

Thing is that the Guardian class is incredibly slow to ramp up. You really don’t start to get a feel for just how much they can do (at least for me) until you get all of the slots unlocked around 20. Getting your Elite unlocked at 30 makes you feel pretty effing heroic.

Though if you just want to play a more paladin themed sword and board class then the Guardian is for you. I just need to finally admit to myself that I really do enjoy more paladin oriented classes. Even if sometimes they can be a right pain in the backside to level.

In the past I’ve rarely been able to get a Guardian past level 20. I usually burn out somewhere around 19 or so and can’t bring myself to make the last few levels.

This time I used a birthday booster on Desderata to get an instant boost to 20. Honestly I think that has made all the difference in the world. Running around with just the hammer and mace/shield probably would have bored me to tears by now as it has in the past.

I also have more motivation to level a Guardian this go round since I wanted to have a beefy class to help my guild mates level. The Guardian has made a big difference in group leveling. I’ve been able to take aggro off my guild mates and buff them up to do more damage. That and the speed boosts are pretty handy as well.

Rolling Guardian has also been a bit of a change of pace for me. I kind of phone it in when I’m playing some of the GW2 classes, but I can’t really do that when I’m up close and personal with veterans and champions. When you’re front line it’s best to not let your guard down.

One prime example is when we ran headlong into the Giant at Nageling in the Diessa Plateau during a play session last night. I enjoyed it quite a bit though it was REALLY hairy especially for my guild mates.

I spent most of the time trying to keep the Giant’s attention on me and toss out whatever buffs weren’t on cooldown. I really need to get into the practice of using them on prolonged fights. I also need to determine what slot skills I want to use to help keep everyone up and on the champion. That’s easier said than done, but I’m hoping I can get it down.

I did work on using my Virtues to pump out regeneration, protection and aegis. I also used my shouts to absorb conditions, hand out aegis and give myself enough buffs to pump out some damage. Having my elite skill Renewed Focus also helped since that brought my Virtues back up and kept me from taking damage for a short time. Which can mean the difference between getting in another hit and taking a dirt nap when you’re standing toe to toe with a giant.

I’m not totally set on my build as of yet, but I think I like where I’m going with it and I still love the weapon combo I’m working with.

So far the best part about my Guardian is that I’m enjoying soloing on this class just as much as grouping. Honestly with a buff bot I figured that I’d be a sitting duck if I decided to do any content by myself.

With the Guardian it does take me longer to kill things, but due to their heartiness they can take a bit of a beating too. That means I’m able to solo some situations that I would have been kiting like mad on some of the other classes. I did that quite a bit with the Engineer and Mesmer. The Thief I didn’t really enjoy playing solo. It’s all personal taste mind you so if you do enjoy it, keep at it and more power to you.

Honestly I can’t wait to get to level 80 and put my Guardian in some spikey armor. I have a thing for spikes.

Until next time I hope you’re having a blast in whatever you’re choosing to play. I’ll be on Ring of Fire with my friends and fams in Brothers of Something Something [BOSS].


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8 years ago

Guardian is what I played when GW2 was new. I got him to level 40 before drifting off to some other new shiny game. What I remember is that it was REALLY hard to see what was going on when I was doing melee thanks to all the spell effects and such. Has that gotten any better or do you just tab target or…? Any advice there?

8 years ago

I usually play with the camera zoomed all the way out. Usually I have to try to catch a moa or something extra my hubby pulls so for me it’s easiest when I have a bigger view of the fight. So really I have no complaints there, but I think they may have toned them down. Though with how I play it’s hard to tell. I do vaugely remember there being grander effects, but that could just be old age.

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