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Desderata Geist
Desderata Geist

My husband and I always talk about making and leveling a Guardian. Guardians can be tough to level because they just don’t give you the powerful offensive feeling that a lot of the other classes in GW2 have. Well outside of the Engineer and the Mesmer. Those classes start out kind of bland but give you more bang for the buck once you get into traiting them.

This time around though I’m not playing a guardian to have a heavy hitting class. If I wanted a heavy armored power house I’d level the Warrior.

I like the idea of playing a defensive, healing, buffing Guardian. In GW2 there are no specific healing classes or taking classes. The Guardian can be a little healing and a little tanking, but it doesn’t fall into the traditional holy trinity rules. That of course is one of the reasons I love playing GW2. If you’re low on health in GW2 that’s your problem, pop your heal and roll out of the damage, problem solved.

The other interesting mechanic in GW2 are buffs and debuffs. Now debuffs or dots are downright killers in GW2 and you want to make sure you have at least one debuff removal on you at all times if you’re going up against mobs like Krait or Risen. Those bastards are mean and deadly. The nice thing about the Guardian is that they have a lot of debuff removal skills that don’t require extra traiting or tweaking. That makes them idea for going up against these types of mobs.

The reverse of that would be buffs. Buffs can be the secret sauce in GW2 combat.  They can give you that little extra edge of survivability as well as giving you an extra combat edge. Downside is that many buffs have to be actively triggered through abilities or slot skills. It can take a time to work out just how and when to use them, but once you do it becomes hard to live without them. The Guardian can be a buffing machine if you trait into it correctly and in little ways even without traiting. That makes them ideal for group support.

I’m looking forward to creating a Guardian support/buff/damage sponge build that I can use to help keep my friends alive as we take on everything Tyria has to throw at us. The downside is that I will have to work at doing just enough damage to get loot credit, but I still like the idea of having a more supporting class. If you’re looking for a heavy hitting Guardian build I’m sure there’s some out there, but I’d have to direct you to the GW2 forums to find those.

At the moment my preferred Guardian weapon combo so far is a Hammer with Mace/Shield combo. The Hammer dishes out through very gratifying big bash action. The Mace/Shield is more or less my emergency duo for when I have a bunch of mobs on me at once or I’m fighting something that’s starting to drain my health pool. It may not do quite as much damage, but being able to stand toe to toe with a lot of mobs and beat the tar out of them is really, really gratifying.

Eventually I plan on going with power/vitality/toughness armor and working with that to do at least solid damage and be able to take a few blows. Not from everything of course, it’s still GW2 and there’s some mobs that cut through plate armor like a hot knife through butter. If you have enough vitality you can keep rolling but if you don’t then it’s time for repairs.

In the long term I do intend on finishing up the Necromancer. That goal hasn’t changed. I have noticed however that I can only play on a Necromancer for so long before I feel the need to play another class. This happens pretty much every time. Chances are I’ll probably level back and forth between the Guardian and the Necromancer.

Even with 3 level 80 toons, I still don’t really feel like I have a solid “main” character in Guild Wars 2. I guess I just love being able to change classes at will.

For now though the Guardian will hopefully help me and my friends battle through Tyria. Not to mention give me a better perspective on melee combat in GW2 which the Thief gives you a taste for but really differs when you delve into the two heavy armored classes.

The race is on, which character will keep my attention long enough to reach 80 first. Will it be the Necromancer or the Guardian? Only time will tell.


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