GuildWars2: Necro Progress

Going Up or Going Down?
Going Up or Going Down?

At the moment my Necromancer Epona Rhi is sitting at level 63 and at around Tailoring 300. That means I’m up to Silk tailoring which is nice since it’s a lot easier to get your hands on Silk.

Well silk seems easier to get your hands on once you’re roaming Orr a bit. That is my husband’s favorite zone so we spend a lot of time there on higher level characters when he gets and itch to bash risen.

At the moment I am really enjoying just putting on music and wandering through zones picking up skill challenges and vistas. I stop for random events when they pop up close by and always try to pop in to help out with the local champion when I see it.

I really want to work at unlocking as much of the map as possible in at least way points and vistas. I’m not super worried about making map completionist, I just want to be able to go where ever I want.

I also found a pretty neat little cave yesterday out in Diessa Plateau over by Nolan. There’s a random hidden strawberry garden that is pretty killer for screenshots. It is a bit of an unofficial jumping puzzle, but if you like going off the beaten path it’s worth the trouble.

I’d recommend putting on a speedboost of some kind before going, it makes the jumping a lot less of a hassle.

Here’s a peek at what I found:

Go toward the light!
Go toward the light!

I have a post on Guild Wars 2 combat brewing in my head. If anyone has any combat questions they’d like some info on just buzz me here, twitter, in game, where ever. Keep in mind though I can give you tips for surviving against what the PvE world has to throw at you much more so than some other aspects of the game. If that’s your bag then I can help you get a leg up. Otherwise I can point you to the forums for WvW, PvP and instance content builds.

Until I get that post worked out I will probably be randomly exploring Tyria. That also includes helping people level, collecting crafting materials for AH sales and even some map chatter. Here’s hoping that you’re having a blast wherever gaming takes you.


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