GuildWars2: Necromancer Goals

Epona Rhi Necromancer
Epona Rhi Necromancer

Right now my current goal in Guild Wars 2 is to finally fully level a Necromancer. I think I’ve created and deleted 5 or so Necros and so far only Epona has managed to make it past 50.

On top of just leveling her and part of what keeps me from giving her the ax sometimes is the host of other mini goals that I have for her that tie in with Epona’s long and winding path to level 80. I am a slacker so I take my time.

I plan on doing some Tailoring and Artificing on Epona. I want the sigils and consumables available from Artificing as well as just having some sweet looking armor with fancy stats that I can build via tailoring.

To complete the look I want at level 80 I’m going to want to make the light Ascended legs. That’s going to be a pain, but itl’ll look kind of sweet. Well to me anyways. I’m not worried about making a full Ascended set. Just one piece is good enough for me really.

Since I’ll need materials for leveling crafting. I might as well do some roaming about for trees and work on actually completing some zones. I’ll probably start out with the low level zones to get those out of the way and then work on the higher level zones later.

That not only gives me good gobs of XP but it also helps me work on map completion. I would like to manage to do that with one out of my 6 characters one of these days.

The sweet part about GW2 is that it’s almost impossible NOT to level your character. Walking through zones gives me XP. Completing the hearts or quest type objectives gives me XP. Helping out on random events, oh yeah XP there. Killing zone bosses, yeah that gives me XP. Oh and going back to town to craft with all the junk I just picked up also gives me some XP. Best part is that aside from the quest objectives, I can run back through the same zones and still get XP. Not too shabby.

As for my combat goals for my Necromancer, that is all going to revolve around having a fun grouping AoE killer with handy supporting elements. On the AoE note, basically I pan on going with a staff build and targeted wells. Then I plan on pumping as much of my build into those two things as I can at the moment. My husband designs my builds for the most part so I take no credit in what I end up with. Though playing them is all me.

Until next time I’ll be roaming about Tyria, killing stuff and poking my nose around every corner. If you’re on the Euro servers and want to say hi just let me know.


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