WildStar: Four Weeks of Adventurers Anonymous and Guild World Boss Hunting

Takes Down World Boss, Goes Straight for Data Cubes

Well our little WildStar guild Adventurers Anonymous is still kicking AND it just turned 4 weeks old yesterday. I barely managed to make the head start cut off in founding the guild. What can I say? I am a slacker after all.

Anyway it’s not like that’s a big deal. What is a big deal is that the guild is still active and that we have a core group of really cool folks. That’s something there’s no achievement for, but to me it makes wanting to log in to see what folks are up to a whole lot more compelling.

Even in the days of dungeon finder, we’re still doing things together as a guild. World Bosses are one prime example.

We had 4 folks from the guild assisting in taking on Metal Maw Prime out in Whitevale (which isn’t bad for us since a lot of our crew isn’t up to that level yet). We had 7 guild members working to take down Metal Maw in Deradune with a few folks in the zone jumping in to help out. We also had 7 guild members working at taking down that really annoying Stemdragon in Ellesar. For that one we only had a couple other people drop in to help out, but hey the more the merrier!

Crafting wise we’re pushing right along as well. We have at least one expert outfitter. We have an avid Architect that makes us all kinds of killer decor. We have a dedicated Technologist working on not only unlocking the whole Technologist tree, but also scouring the game for every quest he can find. We have at least one Weaponsmith who’s also an avid grinder. Nothing wrong with that in my book. We also have a lot of folks that fell into crafting and now just can’t get back out of it. Myself included.

So far it seems like we’re not your average guild. Let’s put it this way we make a raid group to go and hunt down illusive Data Cubes and books that you need an Explorer to get your hands on. Then we wander off to kill a world boss.

Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way. To me it’s really gratifying to see folks work together to experience as much of the game as they can.


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8 years ago

Sounds like a great guild! I think what ultimately killed Wildstar for me was that I joined the wrong guild (for me..not dissing the guild itself). A good guild makes all the difference!

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